Devil Baby Regrets Her Actions Towards Ben Chilwell, Billy Gilmour And Mason Mount


A social media influencer from Exeter, United Kingdom famously known as Devil Baby, has finally admitted her regrets over her actions towards Ben Chilwell, Billy Gilmour and Mason Mount, that almost landed her in jail.

Orla Melissa Sloan (Devil Baby) condemned her own action and warned others of the consequences they are likely to face if they engage in such an act.

She said, “The online World is so removed from the real world. You do not have the same sense of perspective because you are just in your bedroom, on your phone.

“It does not feel the same, but, in reality, people are watching what you are doing, and it is affecting their lives.

“What I did was wrong. I regret sending all those messages, hurting Mason Mount, Chilwell, and Gilmour and their families.”

“No one deserves that. Nobody wants to feel unsafe or like they are being threatened. There is a huge lack of control online. You would not walk down a street naked in real life.”

Mason Mount

“There are measures in place to stop you. But online, you might. It is very open. You feel you can do whatever you want.”

She added, “I did not see it coming; I was very struck in my own world. I didn’t meet many people. I was quite lonely, and being on OnlyFans just made me more lonely.

“It was only until it got to the point where I had to go to court and potentially to prison that I could see what I had done.”

Mason Mount

Orla Melissa Sloan used 21 phone numbers to stalk Mason Mount for four months between June 19 and October 28, 2022, after a one-night stand with the Chelsea midfielder.

She stayed in contact for around six months before Mason Mount decided that the relationship was not going anywhere.

Mason Mount keeps blocking her number, but she never resists the urge to stop calling him.

Mason Mount

Orla Melissa demanded an apology from Mason Mount for ignoring her messages after sleeping with him.

The Westminister Magistrates did not send her to jail; instead, she was given a 12-week suspended jail sentence, a 30-day rehabilitation order, 200 hours of unpaid work.

These are in addition to a total of £1100 in compensation for stalking Chelsea stars Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount, as well as Brighton midfielder Billy Gilmour.

She will also pay a £85 costs and a £154 victim surcharge. A five-year restraining order was also imposed, banning her from contacting the footballers in the future.

Orla Melissa’s desperate attempts to contact Mason Mount took her to the extent of claiming she had an abortion after sleeping with Brighton midfielder Billy Gilmour.

Mason Mount

She told Mason Mount that she stopped buying food just to buy more phone numbers to contact him.

It was a scary moment for the Mason Mount, as he was so scared that Orla Melissa could pay a visit to his training ground and home.

Who is Orla Melissa Sloan (Devil Baby)?

She is an influencer and model from Exeter, England. Orla Melissa used to work as a M&M cashier before moving to an adult content platform called Fanvue.

The beautiful model has over 90,000 followers on Instagram. She is an ambassador for the fast-fashion online brand Fashion Nova.

Orla Melissa is also famous on Tiktok for creating content about relationships. She once said that she made £50,000 on Fanvue by eating Percy pigs naked.


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