David De Gea Weds Lover Edurne Garcia on The Day he Lost His Job As Manchester United Goalkeeper


David De Gea woke up to mixed fortunes on July 1 as he weds his celebrity lover Edurne Garcia not as a Man United goalkeeper but as a free agent.

It appears the Spaniard rolled back his recent misfortunes to tie the knot with Edurne Garcia, in an exotic pre-wedding bash in Menorca.

According to reports the event was graced with 80 to 100 guests and was as glamorous as the expected main event which will take place soon.

De Gea and Edurne Garcia hitched up after over a decade of sticking together as lovers.

David De Gea Edurne Garcia
Over 80 to 100 guests attended the event in Menorca

All the guests that attended the event were De Gea’s and Edurne Garcia’s closest friends. They were all dressed in white.

It was all smiles for the newly-wedded couple as the invitees of friends and loyalists mill around them to celebrate over a decade-old love journey.

The exotic pre-wedding bash took place in Spain jusf hours after De Gea lost his job as Manchester United goalie.

David De Gea Edurne Garcia
De Gea and Edurne Garcia amid the guests at the pre-wedding bash

Who is David De Gea’s wife Edurne Garcia?

Edurne Garcia is the wife and lover of former Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea. Garcia also hails from Spain as his footballer husband. She has reportedly been through all the thick and thin of De Gea’s career.

David De Gea Edurne Garcia

Edurne Garcia was known from childhood for his great vocals and great communication skills which subsequently defined and shape her career.

What does Edurne Garcia do?

Edurne Garcia is a singer, actress, and also a presenter. She took up her music career at a very tender age when she was nine, joining a children music group known as Trastos.

David De Gea Edurne Garcia
Edurne Garcia is a signer, presenter and actress

After joining Trastos group, Garcia went on to develop her music career and was able to release her first music album in 2006 when she was 19.

She also ventured into acting while pursuing her career in music. She is also a presenter and has made the bench of judges in Spain Got Talent since 2015.

How old is Edurne Garcia

Edurne Garcia is 37 years old. She was born on December 22, 1985 in Spain’s capital, Madrid. She is five years older than her footballer husband David De Gea.

When did Edurne Garcia and David De Gea meet?

Edurne Garcia and De Gea met in 2010 while David De Gea was playing for Atletico Madrid.

According to the Sun, the two lovers met in a Christmas Carol in which they were trying to raise money for charity. They started dating since then and have been together for 13 years.

When David De Gea joined Manchester United in 2011, Edurne Garcia did not join him immediately to England but was settled in Spain.

She used to visit David De Gea in Manchester before finally joining him in 2018.

Edurne Garcia and David De Gea children

Edurne Garcia and De Gea have only one child together, a daughter by name Yanay. Yanay is three years old. She was born in 2021.

De Gea Manchester United contract impasse

Despite being out of contract, Manchester United have confirmed their decision to continue in contract renewal talks after De Gea’s wedding.


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