David Beckham net worth and endorsement deals

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Former England captain, David Beckham might have hung his boot, but the celebrity is still raking in huge cash from endorsement deals and other business as he continues to remain relevant.

It was gathered that Beckham, who hung up his boot in 2013 is still earning more than top earners in the Premier League earners.

With this, it means that the former Manchester United captain never waned after retiring from the game. Earning such a huge amount means that after retirement the former England captain has grown even more popular as he now focuses more solely on his life away from the pitch.

Beckham who appears to be a glowing face despite being in his forties remains a popular face with advertisers, making him to become an empire over the past few years.

David Beckham
David Beckham promoting a cocktail drink

Whilst making money on the field of play, Beckham turned his hand to fashion, food and drink, television, entertainment, and more, and he is has been reaping the rewards.

With little or no sign of slowing down, Beckham recently invested in soccer by launching a new project – Inter Miami, the Miami-based Major League soccer franchise. The former Real Madrid midfielder’s intention is straight forward with this project – To make it one of the best teams in North America.

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Taking a cursory look at a new David Beckham

With his background history already known, Futballnews takes a cursory look at how Beckham has been flourishing especially with his new project.

With 63.3 million followers on Instagram, Beckham whose first child recently got engaged makes money from numerous sources, which include football, endorsement deals, and business investments.

The 45-year-old has a net worth estimated at around £300 million (or $450m). The figures often vary because his ‘Brand Beckham’ also includes his wife, Victoria, who runs her own fashion label.

The father has turned all his family members to moneymakers. In 2014, his then 12-year-old son Romeo made £45,000 for one day’s work for Burberry.

Devid Beckam’s salary

As stated earlier, Beckham is still raking in cash on a weekly basis from his investment. The Sun reported that the father of two earned around £29 million in dividends from his company DB Ventures Limited between 2016 and 2017- this was roughly £40,000 a day during that period.

According to documents filed at Companies House, Beckham got £18.75m in 2017 as a dividend from his company DB Ventures Limited, having received £10.2m in 2016.

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Breaking this to the amount earned per time, Beckham earns £0.46 per second, £27.66 per minute, £1659.79 per hour, £39,835 per day, £278,846 per week, £1.2m per month, £14.5m per year.

The aforementioned £29m figure shows that Beckham through DB Ventures alone still earns well more than many of the top stars currently playing the game.

 David Beckham  sponsorship deals

Still the English fine man, Beckham is still smiling to the bank via endorsement deals. It is a common practice among current and former footballers to endorse several products.

Recently, Beckham was involved in campaigns with clothing retailer H&M. The Englishman appeared in a number of ads with comedian Kevin Hart. This is rated as one of his most recent successful projects.

Beckham still has endorsement deals with Tudor watches and Haig Club whiskey. He has been promoting this heavily on his social media accounts.

Beckham who still maintain his partnership with Adidas on the Predator boots still has contracts with other past and present brands which include Breitling, Sainsbury’s, Armani, Gillette, AIA Group, and Pepsi Co.

David Beckham’s businesses

Now coming to his business, Beckham took the game to a new level with Seven Global LLP. The outfit has been created around Beckham’s lifestyle products in partnership with the Global Brands Group that currently works with several celebrities on their own lines, while Footwork Productions are in charge of his name and image rights.

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DB Ventures which all other of his companies are under as reported, is responsible for the “licensing and other forms of commercialization of the ‘David Beckham’ brand”.

Beckham’s ad for Tudor

Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd, which is the parent company is split equally between David, his wife, Victoria, and the family’s management group headed by Simon Fuller.

Coming to soccer, Beckham took the initiative in January 2018, along with his business partners, to launch a Miami MLS team – Inter Miami. The team entered the North American league as an expansion team in 2020.

As part of his deal with the MLS when he joined the LA Galaxy in 2007, Beckham was given the option to own a franchise team. With the option exercised in 2014, Beckham is now a football team owner.

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