Dani Ceballos and David Luiz: Mikel Arteta Vows to find out who leaked their incident


The manager of Arsenal football club, Mikel Arteta has vowed that he would found out the person who leaked the incident involving Dani Ceballos and David Luiz.

A report emanated on Thursday night claiming that Spain midfielder Dani Ceballos and Brazil defender David Luiz had an altercation during training. The misunderstanding started after Ceballos who is on loan at the club from Real Madrid, tackled David Luiz very harshly. The rough challenge angered Luiz and picked up a fight with Ceballos.

When Ceballos saw the report on Twitter, he tagged the tweet and tweeted “Fake” in an attempt to rubbish the claims in the report.

On the contrary, on Friday evening, the press raised the issue during Arsenal’s press conference ahead of the club’s Premier League match against Leeds United, and the club’s coach, Mikel Arteta, confirmed that the incident happened.

He was however furious that the report went public despite attempting to keep it within the club. Hence, he threatened that there would be consequences for the person who leaked the incident.

While speaking further on the incident, the Spanish tactician stressed that there was nothing between Dani Ceballos and David Luiz as the incident was just a result of the healthy competition in the club’s training sessions.

“I don’t like the fact that that incident comes out at all”, Mikel Arteta said. “I will find out where it is coming from and if that is the case, that goes completely against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need, and there will be consequences.”

“Training is very competitive and issues happen a lot of times. Those things get resolved immediately within the team and there is not much to say. There is no problem at all.”

Arsenal’s David Luiz, Dani Ceballos, and the club’s captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Besides the incident, on September 12, 2020, the 24-year-old Spanish midfielder was caught on camera arguing with his Arsenal’s teammate Eddie Nketiah while warming up to get involved in Arsenal’s league match against Fulham. The match ended 3-0 in favor of Arsenal.

Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta whose team is currently occupying the 11th spot on the league table has lamented that he always feels the same pressure that his players are faced with. He noted that “the demands and the standards at the football club” are to always be the best.

“When we don’t do it or even when we win I’m not satisfied”, he added. “Honeymoon is the consequence when we do things right when we compete with our resources and where we are as a team.

“I’ve been 11 months here means since I’ve been appointed, actually how long I’ve been training with these players and competing is a completely different story. We feel that. When I lose a football game it takes me a week to go through it. When we lose it the way we lost it against Villa, even harder because it makes me think about things in the past that I hate it and I don’t want to see it again.”

So far this season, Mikel Arteta and his boys have lost 4 matches and won 4 out of 8 league games which left them with 12 points out of a possible 24 points. He will attempt to return to winning ways when Arsenal face Leeds United on Sunday.


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