Dani Alves Wife Joana Sanz Share Kisses With Her Model Friend At A Night Club

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Dani Alves wife Joana Sanz has taken to her social media handle to post a picture of herself kissing a famous model Sandra Tabares at a nightclub.

Dani Alves, the 39-year-old estranged wife has pictured herself giving a kiss to a female friend after she filed for a divorce.

Joana Sanz took to her almost one million Instagram account to share a clip of herself at a party with a pal having a nice time.

The former Barcelona player from Brazil has been detained on rape charges, and his wife, a Spanish model and businesswoman of 29, has filed for divorce.

Dani Alves

In honor of her birthday, Joana shared a clip of herself and her model friend Sandra Tabares.

They were both seen singing together at a party with their arms around each other in the video.

The two were shown kissing in an inset in the post.

Joana wrote on the story; “Happy Birthday, I LOVE YOU. Thank you for lifting me off the ground and filling me with vitality again.”

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The famous model has ended her relationship with Dani Alves, who is currently being held in Brians 2 Prison without bail.

The right-back, who previously played for the Mexican club UNAM, after being accused of raping a young woman on December 30 in a Barcelona nightclub, he was taken to prison on January 20.

The model from the Canary Islands also linked an article about cheating partners written for the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on her Instagram story.

Dani Alves

The piece, which includes photos of Joana, reads: “Infidelity should only dwarf the one who lies, but it is difficult to disregard the component of humiliation felt by those who have been duped.”

On Monday, Alves, now 39 years old, appeared in a Spanish court, where he claimed that the sexual encounter he had with the woman he is accused of assaulting at a Barcelona nightclub was voluntary.

Initially, Dani Alves denied having sexual relations with the woman, but he was later suspended.

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He said that his initial deception was motivated by a desire to protect his marriage to Joana, whom he wed in 2017.

After the accusations surfaced, Joana deleted most of the photos of her with the footballer from her Instagram account.

Alves was initially believed to have been accused of putting his hands down the pants of his accuser while they were both in a nightclub.

The woman’s story about being slapped in the face and raped in the bathroom then came to light.

The ex-Barca player also had no explanation for why the woman’s fingerprints were all over the restroom where the incident was supposedly committed.

Dani Alves

It was discovered last month that Alves had written to his wife from prison after they had broken up.

In the letter, Dani Alves claims he is completely devastated by the split, and expresses his regret for what had happened.

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