Crown Court Day 6: Ryan Giggs enters witness box, admits cheating, denies assault

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Ryan Giggs has entered the witness box for the first time in the ongoing 10-day trial at Manchester Crown Court, giving more startling revelations about his personal life and relationship with Ms. Kate Greville. The 48-year-old is facing charges of assault and using coercive behavior against his Ex-girlfriend Kate.

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs at Manchester Crown Court

Ryan Giggs made 963 appearances in 23 years for Manchester United, winning 13 Premier League titles and 2 Champions League trophies. The 48-year-old is standing trial for alleged assault on Ex-girlfriend Ms. Kate Greville and her sister Emma Greville.

Entering the witness box to defend himself from the allegations against him, Giggs admitted that claims of infidelity are true; that he has not been faithful in his past relationships with women.

The former Wales national men senior team head coach said his “love cheat tag” is justified as he has not been faithful in his past relationships, including with his ex-wife Stacey.

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While inside the witness to address the court, Giggs was candid about his love affair without metaphors or twisted words; Giggs said while with his ex-wife, he has had an explicit “public affair” and has maintained a “reputation of infidelity.”

In a rather blunt and candid manner, Giggs admitted that he has never had any honest relationship with any lady in his past relationship but has never assaulted any of them physically.

The 48-year-old re-emphasized that he has not controlled or coerced a woman as contained in the charges against him.

According to reports tabled in the court against Giggs by the Chief Prosecutor, Giggs had headbutted Ms. Kate Greville and threatened to headbutt her sister, Emma Greville; an allegation he has denied.

Ryan Giggs is a “chronic love cheat”

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs and Ms. Kate Greville, his ex-lover.

Ryan Giggs agreed with his legal representative, Chris Daw during cross-examination that, “yes, he is known as a great footballer, but also as a chronic cheat and infidel.”

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Barrister Chris Daw had asked Giggs if he would agree with the newspaper notion of him as a “love cheat,” asking whether the report was justified. The ex-footballer surprisingly answered in the affirmative.

The cross-examining lawyer asked Giggs again, “In the course of your relationships with women, up to and including Ms. Greville, have you managed to be faithful to any of them?”

“No”, Giggs answered.

Barrister Daw asked again: “If an attractive woman has shown you interest regardless of your marital status, are you able to resist?”

“No”, he replied.

Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs

According to Giggs, he was a “flirt by nature but has never assaulted a woman physically”.

Giggs also revealed that his relationship with Kate Greville began when he was still with his wife and that they had to break up when his wife confronted him about the alleged affair with Ms. Greville.

Giggs also denied allegations of dragging Ms. Greville naked in a hotel room during a heated scuffle. He said he had stormed off a club that day and had had a row with Kate, but there was no physical element of the fight.

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It’s the sixth day of Ryan Giggs’s Manchester Court trial. The trial is expected to last for ten days before a verdict can be reached. The legendary winger may likely face five years of imprisonment if convicted.

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