Cristiano Ronaldo shows how much he hates Coca Cola on TV

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Cristiano Ronaldo stunned the organizers of the ongoing European Championship when he showed them that he is not a fan of the popular soft drink, Coke Cola. The 36-year-old Portuguese football icon showed up to a pre-match press conference and decided to move two bottles of coke placed before him away from sight.

Ronaldo did not stop there, he went as far as lifting a bottle of water saying “agua”, a Portuguese word that means “water”. From all indications the Portuguese football icon used the opportunity to show the world that it is better to drink water instead of Coke.

But such a gesture might not go down well with the manufacturers of the soft drink who have supposedly paid UEFA for their brand to be on the table in front of Cristiano Ronaldo during the press conference.

Unfortunately for the sponsorship deal between Coke and the organisers of Euro 2020, Ronaldo could not stand seeing a coke bottle in front of him when he could replace it with a bottle of water which is believed to be healthier than taking any soft drink.

Since the video of the incident came out, many have been wondering why an influential person like Cristiano Ronaldo could not hide his hate for Coke Cola. Some are assuming that Ronaldo has not recovered from the incident involving him and Ryan Giggs during his days at Manchester United.

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It was reported that when Ronaldo was a youngster playing at Manchester United between 2003 and 2009, he attended a team training with a bottle of Coke. Giggs who happened to be an older player to him then warned him never to show up at the training ground with a bottle of Coke.

Reports claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo has avoided taking coke ever since then and takes water since he does not drink alcohol. He does not also smoke and does not feed on junk.

It is believed that his lifestyle and dieting has helped him to remain one of the most feared footballers on the pitch despite being as old as 36-year-old.

The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner is expected to lead Portugal to start their UEFA European Championship campaign against Hungary later today, June 15, 2021, at 17:00.

Why Ronaldo avoids Coke

Cristiano Ronaldo in the process of taking two bottles of coke away from his view.
Cristiano Ronaldo in the process of taking two bottles of coke away from his view.

Cristiano Ronaldo knows how harmful a soft drink like Coka Cola could be especially as a sportsman that likes to compete.

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It has been said that one bottle of Coke contains about 10 teaspoon of sugar. This amount of Sugar exceeds the maximum amount of Sugar (6 teaspoon) the World Health Organization advised an individual to take per day.

It is also said that an intake of one bottle of Coke could increase the sugar level of an individual within 20 minutes and also increases the amount of fat the liver would produce.

Hence, it would have been impossible for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo to continue to give his best to the game if he was addicted to the soft drink.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in Euro 2020 to win back-to-back Euro

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Portugal.
Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Portugal.

Though he is 36-year-old, Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the most talked-about footballers in the world. The Juventus talisman has declared that he is in Euro 2020 to help Portugal win the European Championship for the second time in a row.

He stated this when he was reminded that this year’s edition of the European Championship makes him the first player in the history of the competition to play more than 5 editions of the competition.

Besides that, if he plays against Hungary tonight, he would become the first player to play 22 matches in the history of the European Championship. Also, if Portugal beat Hungary tonight, that will make it the 12th time he has recorded a victory in Euro, the highest in the history of the competition.

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Despite all the records Ronaldo is on the verge of breaking during Euro 2020, he is more concerned about winning the Championship for the second time in a row which would be a record for him and Portugal.

“I’m not overwhelmed by this record,” he said. “It is a good record but more important than this would be to win back-to-back Euros. We must start with a victory. The crowd will be on their side but it’s good to play in front of a crowd. I’m going to enjoy this and the team is ready…

“I come into this European Championship as if it were the first, more motivated than in 2004.

“We are the champions and holders and we are going to fight to try and lift this trophy again.

“The records I could break aren’t something that obsesses me, as the best record would be to lift the trophy twice in a row.”

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