Cristiano Ronaldo Says He’ll Play For Portugal at 2026 FIFA World Cup Despite Failing to Score in Euro 2024


Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to play on for Portugal, with his sights now fixed on the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

In a report shared by Relevo, the footballing icon is not calling it quit soon. After the Euro 2024 deadlock, he is now ready for the next bigger tournament in 2026.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This is despite the fact that Portugal exited Euro 2024 at the quarter-final stage, with Cristiano Ronaldo failing to score a single goal for the first time in his European Championship career.

The advancing years of the 39-year-old football icon, coupled with the drastic drop in his goalscoring form, seem to have no bearing whatsoever on Ronaldo as he continues to reiterate his commitment to the national team.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision not to retire from international football underlines his commitment to Portugal, which has not wavered one bit. Certainly, many would have thought the writing was on the wall for Ronaldo after a gruelling campaign at Euro 2024, which saw them bow out very early at the hands of France.

Wearing the Portuguese shirt is an honor he carries very closely to his heart, and already, the Premier League and La Liga legend is looking forward to making the team successful in the nearest future, especially at the 2026 World Cup.

At 39—specifically, when he was going through the goal drought at Euro 2024—Ronaldo’s belief in his ability to deliver on the international stage had not flagged one iota. If anything, it’s deep with 123 goals in 203 appearances for Portugal. The disappointment of Euro 2024 adds fuel to the fire that just nudges him to drive Portugal to higher achievements.

Ronaldo Euro 2024 deadlock

Euro 2024 was a testing time for Ronaldo and Portugal. The country, being one of the pre-tournament favorites and then getting knocked out in the quarterfinals by France, was a big setback.

Ronaldo’s failure to score in the competition begged the question once again about his future in international football. But Ronaldo has always welcomed challenges and setbacks in his career and used them as fuel to push forward.

That most appropriately corresponds to his whole career reputation and the ability of bouncing back as required after disappointment. This in itself speaks volumes to show that the flame is still burning within for the team. The focus of attention turns to the preparation for the 2026 Mundial, where he should surge higher with Portugal.

Ronaldo’s Stellar International Record

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a distinguished career with the Portuguese national team, breaking all records in major tournaments.

UEFA European Championship (EUROs): Ronaldo has been one of the premium performers across several EUROs. From EURO 2004, where he scored 2 goals and paved the way for Portugal to reach the final, his involvement in Portugal’s victory at EURO 2016 was extremely instrumental. Though he did not score at EURO 2024, he still is the highest scorer in this event with 14 goals.

FIFA World Cup: He has consistently worked miracles in the World Cups. From the first goal that he scored in the 2006 World Cup, to leading Portugal to the semi-finals, and to becoming the first male player who scored in five World Cups in the 2022 edition of the tournament, his World Cup journey shows all excellence and sheer hard work was put together.

He also left his imprint on the UEFA Nations League 2018-19, where he scored a vital hat-trick in the semi-finals and helped drive Portugal to victory in the inaugural edition of the tournament.

The Road to the 2026 World Cup

As Ronaldo gears up his focus towards the 2026 World Cup, there is much anticipation of what he can deliver in terms of experience and leadership. Keeping himself at the best level of physical condition and being an older brother to the players will be very instrumental as Portugal negotiates the road to qualification and the tournament itself.

If Cristiano Ronaldo does make this commitment to continue his international career, it will underline very great passion for football and for his country.

At the cusp of a possible sixth World Cup, Ronaldo’s status as one of the game’s all-time greats is already secure. But how he now seeks to add one final glorious chapter to his remarkable career will engage the casual football fan worldwide as he gets ready for the next milestone in his remarkable journey.



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