Cristiano Ronaldo: Salary, Net Worth and His Career

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro has been a spectacular player that has been referred to as a G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time). His name has filled the media space alongside Lionel Messi who is also a player with amazing profile and records. Ronaldo who is also called CR7 is a Portuguese player. He has been regarded as the all-time scorer in the men’s football. He is currently a free agent after leaving Manchester United. Follow we as we check together the profile of a Football G.O.A.T. In this article, we will be taking a look at his salary, net worth and career.

How old is Ronaldo?

The Portuguese forward was born on the 5 of February 1985. By calculation, he is 37 years old, and with that he is till performing at his best. He is the fourth born and the youngest child of his parents. He started playing at a tender age, and he has really hit the prime of his career at age 37.

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play for?

Cristiano Ronaldo has played for different clubs like Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Juventus, and Real Madrid. CR7 is the captain of the Portuguese National Team who got eliminated from the world cup 2022, by Morocco at the quarter-final stage. At the moment Ronaldo plays for now club and has not announced his retirement for his national team, Portugal.

How tall is Ronaldo?

The football idol Cristiano Ronaldo is 1.87 m tall. Which is 6ft and 1 inches. This height has helped him to score goal using his head. He scored about 127 goals using his head.

How many trophies has CR7 won?

Your greatness is always tied to different achievements. Ronaldo is only called a GOAT because of his achievements and input into the football world. Collectively Cristiano has won 34 senior trophies throughout his career. He got a title during his youthful days, and also had 5 titles from some friendly competitions. Counting all his trophies together, Ronaldo has won over 300 trophies and medals, with some of the dated back to his childhood.

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What is Cristiano Ronaldo net worth?

Ronaldo is ranked as one of the highest paid footballer. Also, he is regarded as a man with one of the highest net worth in the football world. Cristiano Ronaldo net worth is about $500 million according a report by His net worth is equivalent to (£363m). Though no one can conclude if it is not higher than that.
Cristiano was ranked number 3, on the Forbes list in 2021 as one of the highest paid athletes in the world. As at then his earning was $120 million (£87m), also $50 million (£36m) was gathered off football earnings.

Cristiano Ronaldo Career’s earning per year

According to a report by Wealthy Gorilla. It is believed that the net worth of Cristiano can be contradictory but here is an analysis of his worth.

YearNet worth
2014$150 million
2015$80 million
2016$79 million
2017$108 million
2018$108 million
2020$466 million
2021$480 million
2022$500 million

Also, according to a report from we have an analysis on his earnings.

Time frameEarnings
Per second£ 0.63
Per minute£ 38
Per hour£ 2291
Per day£ 55,000
Per week£ 385,000
Per month£ 1.68 million
Per year£ 20 million

What other business does Ronaldo has asides Football?

In addition to his footballing career, Ronaldo has boosted his net worth through other means. Which is to say his tentacles of income is not only limited to football. He is a model who has worked for different brands, endorsements and different sponsorships. His name has gained a lot of presence with different fashion sporting brands, soft drinks, video games among many others. Some of the endorsements earned him around $110 million in a year around June 2018 to June 2019.

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Also, Ronaldo has a clothing, eye wears, fragrances, and foot wears. They can all be seen on his website. He has several hotels, Pestana CR7 in Portugal, one in Lisbon and another in Funchal. He also has a hair transplant clinic in Spain. As part of his net worth, Ronaldo has a variety of real estate, and it is valued to worth around $6.2 million. All these plus his salary boosted the value of his net worth.

What other records does Ronaldo have?

Champions League

There are two people who have the best records for Champions league football. They are Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo has scored for Manchester United, Juventus and Real Madrid on the Champions league. On the 18th of April, 2017, CR7 became the 1st player to reach 100 goals in the global competition. He won the competition once with Manchester United, four times with Real Madrid. He is also the only player to have netted in the Champions League Finals. Also, he has 8 champions League hat tricks.

Premier League

During his spell at the Premier League, he had 236 appearances according to the Premier League site. He has a total goal spell of 107, and 37 assists.  In the season 2007/2008 he was the golden boot winner. He was the player of the season in the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 seasons. Player of the month awards November 2006, December 2006, January 2008, March 2008, September 2021 and April 2022.

Manchester United

According to the Manchester United app, Ronaldo had 346 game appearances. He netted 145 times for the team. CR7 had his debut for the club on the 16th of August 2003 after he joined the team on the 13th of the same month and left on the 22nd of November, 2022. He was bought at the price of £12.24m in 2003.

Sporting Lisbon

He got his promotion to the age of 16 to be a player at the under 16, 17 and 18 team of the club. He graduated into the senior team in the year 2002.

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The legend featured in 134 matches, and scored 101 goals for the team. In his 98 matches he scored 81 goals. His contributions in 3 seasons are 21, 31 and 29. He had 14 goals for the club in Champions League. CR7 won 5 trophies with the Seria A giant.

Real Madrid

The Portuguese player had a good spell with one of the La liga Giants, Real Madrid. During his stay he had 438 competitive appearances with 451 goals averaging over a goal per game. CR7 had 105 champions league game, 22 Copa Del Rey, 6 Club World Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cup and 4 Spanish Super Cup. The forward is Club’s leading scorer, and had four Champions League trophy, 3 UEFA Super Cup and Club World cup, a pair of Copa Del Rey, and 2 Spanish Super Cups. Also, he won 4 Ballon d’Or, 2 the best awards. Ronaldo also had 3 Golden Shoe Award. He was named the best UEFA player in Europe 3 times.


As a Portuguese he played for his national team, with the expectation of winning the world cup. He is the current all-time scorer for the Portuguese national team. He is also the highest overall men’s international goal scorer in history, by netting 118 goals all in 196 appearances. 6th of September. He had his first international hat trick during a world cup qualifier for the year 2004. The forward has 10 international hat tricks, and on two different occasions he had four international goals in a single match.

Final words on Ronaldo a great footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo has successfully included his name in the hall of fame of the world. There is definitely not a time that you will be talking about the richest athletes in the world that you won’t mention his name. Asides that when talking about the best footballer, he is also part. In terms of money, abilities and, being a philanthropist among many other things, he is there.

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