Cristiano Ronaldo is Prepared to Accept a 30% Pay Cut Just To Leave Manchester United This Summer

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Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to take a 30% pay cut in order to force a move out of Manchester United this summer according to his agent Jorge Mendes.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Prepared to Accept a 30% Pay Cut Just To Leave Manchester United This Summer

On the eve of Manchester United’s return to preseason practice, Cristiano Ronaldo informed the team that he wanted to depart.

The 37-year-old has struggled to find a new club to continue with his football career, but for the time being, it appears that he will remain at Old Trafford when the Premier League season gets underway.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has reportedly already turned down offers from PSG, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea. Atletico Madrid is the newest team to be linked to him.

Diego Simeone’s squad would find it difficult to pay his salary, but, according to CBS reporter Ben Jacobs, they won’t be required to.

According to his claim, Mendes is assuring clubs that Ronaldo’s salary shouldn’t deter them because he’s willing to accept a 30% wage drop, even though it would still equal at least £300,000 per week.

Ronaldo is desperate to participate in the Champions League, which he won’t be able to achieve at United in the upcoming season, which is why he wants to depart.

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It’s not like he didn’t know that since at least May, but he also wants to compete for other major championships, and it’s obvious that he doesn’t believe his team’s activities in the transfer window would allow him to achieve that.

In order to save himself for his later years of play, the former Real Madrid great does not want to be the player that every club depends on for all of their output.

While on tour in Thailand and Australia without Ronaldo, United must find other methods to score, and it’s working out fairly nicely.

French footballer Anthony Martial has been heavily favored to win the league’s Golden Boot award in the upcoming season after scoring three goals in three preseason games.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Prepared to Accept a 30% Pay Cut Just To Leave Manchester United This Summer

Ronaldo may detest the thought of staying, but if no club playing in the Champions League comes for him, Ronaldo may be forced to stay.

If Martial had surpassed him in Erik ten Hag’s pecking order by the time he decides to stay, he won’t have to worry about being counted on.

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Why does Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave?

Cristiano Ronaldo is worried he won’t be able to compete for the major prizes at Manchester United, which is why he wants to leave this summer.

Though he has passed his prime, the 37-year-old feels the need to win even more, but it’s believed he fears it may not be achievable at Old Trafford in the upcoming year.

The 2021/22 season marked United’s fifth consecutive year without a trophy.

Ronaldo is reportedly disappointed that United hasn’t added any players to the roster during the current transfer window.

This summer, the team lost 13 players, but only added two, which may not be enough to convince the veteran.

How many clubs have rejected Ronaldo?

Despite the fact that the Portuguese superstar still has a lot to give on the field, the following teams made it obvious that Ronaldo was not an option.

Bayern Munich

According to reports, Bayern Munich turned down Cristiano’s agent Jorgen Mendes’ overture regarding a potential transfer because the Bavarians were already interested in Sadio Mane.

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Paris Saint Germain

One of the most recent parties to rule out a Ronaldo move is PSG. Many fans would consider it a dream come true to see Cristiano Ronaldo team up with Lionel Messi, but that unlikely scenario stems from the French club’s alleged reluctance to add another superstar to a squad that already features Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.


Ronaldo was reportedly rumored to be interested in a move to Real Madrid’s bitter rivals Barcelona, but Portuguese football analyst Pedro Sepulveda recently refuted those allegations.


After speaking with Ronaldo’s agents, Chelsea decided against signing the Portugal star.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Prepared to Accept a 30% Pay Cut Just To Leave Manchester United This Summer

Todd Boehly, who was initially enthralled by the prospect of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner playing at Stamford Bridge, spoke with Mendes.

Manchester City

Reports of a possible transfer to United’s rivals, Manchester City were dispelled as early as September 2021.

Ronaldo was initially intended to be signed by the Citizens in the summer of 2021, but the agreement fell through at the last minute.

Atletico Madrid

Because the transaction would not be “economically sustainable,” Spanish La Liga heavyweights Atletico Madrid are not interested in purchasing Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

In Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo was given a huge contract. We previously reported on the enormous contract that Cristiano Ronaldo has been courted with in Saudi Arabia.

Despite growing doubts about his future, CNN’s Portuguese service believes the unnamed club is willing to spend a fortune to sign the 37-year-old to the Saudi Arabian league.

What will happen to Cristiano Ronaldo now? Can he play in the 2022–2023 UEFA Champions League, as he so desperately wants to? Only time will tell.

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