Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a great footballer with many goal-celebration styles across the different leagues and clubs he has played for.

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations
The new nap is Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest goal celebration style

Goal celebration is not strange to every football lover, but what may elude them is the fact that almost all footballers have different ways of celebrating their goals, and some fans may not know what they stand for.

Some goal celebrations may turn out to be heroic, epic and memorable moments, while others may just be humorous; all depends on the goal-scorer and the disposition of the fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a number of styles he has chosen to celebrate his goals. Futballnews takes a look at the best five ways the Man United star has chosen to celebrate his goals throughout his football career.

Take A seat

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations

Ronaldo adopted the ‘Take A Seat’ goal celebration in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals clash against Atletico Madrid.

The five times Ballon d’Or winner scored a hat-trick against the La Liga giants to take Real Madrid to the third consecutive Champions League final, which they ended up winning.

All his three goals was greeted with a different celebration, and among the highlight was a seated pose – primed for the snappers to capture Ronaldo in all his majesty.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations

‘Siu’ is Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration of the modern age; the storming jump, turn, and landing in spread-eagled fashion clarifies the gesture. The ‘Siu’ exudes power, ego, and above all, doggedness. It is among his favorite goal-celebration style.

The ‘Siu’ cannot be outdated no matter how the Portuguese repeats it because it goes hand and hand with his voluminous number of goals.

Whether he celebrates alone or with a team-mate joining in, at pace or just as a couple of steps and pivot, it’s the signature of the world’s top player, endearing to the heat of the fans.


Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations

On several occasion, Cristiano Ronaldo has celebrated by whipping off his shirt to reveal the machinery behind his incredible consistency.

The most memorable example of this celebration was the 2014 Champions League final. It was hardly a new move for Ronaldo, who stripped off his jersey after scoring his first goal as a professional player, for Sporting in 2002.

Of course, there was a slight difference; not yet the toned and sculptured figure he would later become, a somewhat skinnier Ronaldo wore a vest under his jersey then rather than purposely displaying his physique to the masses.

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Still Me

In still me, Ronaldo always points at himself to address fans who jeer or celebrate when he rises or falls.

He always uses this style more when scoring for Portugal’s national team to address Portuguese fans.

Ronaldo’s greatness down the years has been accompanied often by an expectation of putting in a world-class performance all the time, and when it doesn’t happen, the fans are all too happy to berate, whistle or jeer him.

That can come from either set of fans, home or away, and the next inevitable Ronaldo goal can see him quickly reminding those jeering supporters of just who they’re dealing with.

In unsavoury fashion for some, that can also be aimed at either fans of Los Blancos or their rivals. Either way, Ronaldo wants them to realise he remains the great one.

An alternative to pointing at himself, but essentially with the same meaning, has been for Ronaldo to cup an ear to the fans who had been jeering him.

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New nap

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Celebration: Here Are His Best Five Celebrations

This is another trendy and the latest of Cristiano Ronaldo goal-celebration style.

Ronaldo’s ‘nap’ celebration involves the Portugal star stopping in front of the fans, closing his eyes and clasping his hands together in a satisfied sleeping pose.

It is much less bombastic than the ‘Siuuu!’ celebration, which involves a leap and pirouette, with the fans exclaiming ‘Siu!’ in unison.

Manchester United explained why Ronaldo, in partnership with fellow forward Antony, favored the new nap.

According to the club, Ronaldo’s celebration was a self-deprecating in-joke with his teammates, highlighting the strong bonds among the players in Erik ten Hag’s squad.

Cristiano is renowned for looking after himself and ensuring he is always in the best possible condition, which naturally involves hours of hard work on the training pitch and in the gym.

It also includes resting at the right moments and ensuring he has enough sleep to aid his recovery: it has previously been reported that Ronaldo naps several times a day!

Watch all of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration below:

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