Court Jail Two Men For Burglary Attack On Angel Di Maria And His Family

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Angel Di Maria and his family have finally been served justice after two men who spearheaded a burglary attack on the family were tracked down and prosecuted.

Angel Di Maria
Attackers of Angel Di Maria and his family sentenced

According to Daily Mail, the two men, who are identified as Mehdi B and Breda B, have been sentenced to three and four years imprisonment, respectively.

The attack, which took place in March 2021, saw the family of the Argentine international come under a savage assault with properties worth millions of pounds reportedly stolen.

A shock bent to the 2021 attack on Angel Di Maria’s Paris home was the fact that the attack occurred when he was on the pitch playing for PSG in a French Ligue 1 game against Nantes.

PSG’s football director Leonard reportedly got a call informing him of the burglary attack while the match was on.

Leonard then relayed the shocking news to the then-manager of PSG and former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino.

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Pochettino immediately made provisions for Angel Di Maria to be subbed off in the game for him to rush to the scene of the incident.

Angel Di Maria
Pochetrino subbed off Di Maria after he heard the news

The attack proved costly for the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star. Some parts of his home were reportedly broken down as the attackers tried to gain entry into the residence.

Reports have it that his family members were present during the attack. The burglars targeted expensive items and carted away some properties which were later estimated at £400,000.

Some of the items they made off with include costly watches, pieces of jewelry, and cash.

The two men behind the attack were subsequently tracked, apprehended, and prosecuted.

During the trial, it was revealed, the attackers gained access to Angel Di Maria’s home through a terrace on the third floor. One of the culprits Breda B pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to four years imprisonment while the other, Medhi B, bagged a three-year prison sentence.

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Angel Di Maria’s family were not affected by the burglary attack

Meanwhile, fortunately for Angel Di Maria, his wife and two children, who were in the house during the burglary incident were not touched or assaulted.

Italian media outlets report Breda B and Medhi B did not come across the family when they launched the attack.

After the incident, Angel Di Maria’s lawyer filed a civil action asking for an explanation of how the attack occurred to forestall a possible reoccurrence in the future.

The court is said to have asked Mehdi B, Breda B, and Sarah – the three defendants implicated in the trial – to pay £4,500 to Angel Di Maria for damages done during the attack.

The attack on Angel Di Maria’s Paris home is not the first time he has come under the assault of burglars.

The Argentina international has reportedly come under such attack during his spell in the Premier League when he was playing for Manchester United.

Three armed thugs reportedly attempted a break-in into his Cheshire home in the evening while he and his wife and first child were having dinner.

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Also, according to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Di Maria had come under attack by burglars in his house in Turin in the same area Cristiano Ronaldo’s house was targeted while he played for the Old Ladies.

Why do burglars fancy attacking footballers often and what could be done to combat these incessant attacks?

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