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Congolese Player Hiannick Kamba Who Reportedly Died Four Years Ago Found Alive in Germany

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A Congolese born footballer Hiannick Kamba who reportedly died in a car crash in Congo four years ago has surfaced in Germany as a
chemical technician for an energy company in the city of Gelsenkirchen.

Gelsenkirchen is a town where Bundesliga side Schalke 04 play their home games and the town is close to Dortmund in western Germany.

Hiannick Kamba and his parents left the Congo for Germany in the late 80s in search of a greener pasture. Unfortunately for his parents and his siblings, they were deported in 2005.

The former footballer was allowed to remain in Germany because he was already actively involved with Schalke 04.

Kamba who is now 33-year-old continued his football career with the German Bundesliga side without his family.

Unlike Germany’s number one goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who they played together in the club’s youth system, Kamba’s talent was not good enough for Schalke as he failed to progress beyond the youth team.

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He had to leave the club in 2007 to try his luck in other clubs, mostly in the lower tiers of the leagues in Germany.

Hiannick Kamba Was Abandoned in Congo

Hiannick Kamba in a group picture of Schalke 04 youth team
Hiannick Kamba in a group picture of Schalke 04 youth team

In January 2016, while he was playing for an eighth tier club VFB Huls, Hiannick Kamba decided to visit his home country but didn’t return. The next thing that was heard was that he died in a car crash in the country.

When he reappeared in Germany over four years after and it was confirmed that he was the Hiannick Kamba that was certified death in 2016, Germany authorities began to investigate his death and reappearance.

The legal aid of the ex-footballer Anette Milk told German publication Bild that “he was abandoned by friends overnight on a visit to Congo in January 2016 and was left without documents, money and a cell phone.”

He also revealed that the former Schalke 04 player found his way back to Germany two years ago.

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It was gathered that when he was reported dead, Kamba’s ex-wife presented a “forged” death certificate of the Congolese in order to cash out the life insurance of the ex-footballer.

It was also gathered that the so-called car crash was staged but it has not been proven whether the woman who has a 10-year-old daughter for the ex-footballer has anything to do with it.

Hiannick Kamba told Bild that he was not aware of what his ex-wife has done and that he was ready to serve as a witness when she is charged to court.

As at the time of publishing this report, the police were yet to charge Kamba’s ex-wife to court, the woman is being investigated for insurance fraud. Kamba is also being investigated to ascertain whether he was not part of the scheme.

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