Chelsea takeover: here are confirmed bidders after March 18 deadline

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The deadline for the submission of bids to buy Chelsea elapsed at 9 PM on Friday, March 18, 2022, and a couple of bidders have successfully submitted their bids.

Recall that Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea since 2003, had to put up Chelsea for sale due to criticism against him and the club amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Before the United Kingdom and the European Union sanctioned the Russian billionaire for his ties with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, Abramovich had already placed a March 18 deadline for the submission of bids and a price tag of £3 billion on Chelsea.

Though the UK government has banned him from doing any form of business with the country, the government seems to be going on with some of the procedures the Russian billionaire laid down for the sale of the club.

In recent days, the urgency to sell Chelsea has taken a new twist, especially after Chelsea was banned from selling match tickets and merchandise.

Though many investors have complained that the price tag on the club was too much, the club has attracted several potential buyers across the world. This is so because of how successful the club has been in European and domestic club competitions in the last 19 years.

Below are some of the bidders that have confirmed their bids to buy Chelsea:

  1. Nick Candy
Chelsea takeover: here are confirmed bidders after March 18 deadline
Nick Candy.

Nick Candy, a 49-year-old British Luxury property developer, and a lifelong Chelsea fan led a consortium known as “The Blue Football Consortium” to submit a bid to buy Chelsea worth over £2billion.

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While confirming the bid, the British billionaire said the purchase of Chelsea is an opportunity to give football back to the fans.

A statement from the consortium read: “The Blue Football Consortium brings together a wealth of global sports, technology, strategic planning, real estate, financial and management expertise, access to capital and global resources to ensure that Chelsea can compete on the world stage for years to come.

“With global investors including South Korea’s Hana Financial Group and C&P Sports Group, Mr. Candy’s consortium composition matches his vision for the club: to combine the global outlook required to compete in a global game, whilst ensuring the values, heritage, and legacy of this highly respected club are preserved for future generations.

“Mr. Candy believes the proposed offer provides the ability to transfer stewardship of Chelsea seamlessly and efficiently, at an attractive valuation, to a committed and credible group with considerable global resources to continue the development of the club which has been so successful since 2003.

“The group will be visible and responsible shareholders and through Mr. Candy, in particular, the consortium will have a truly local, on-the-ground presence and an inherent understanding of the club’s rich heritage from a supporter with a lifelong affinity to the club.”

  1. The Ricketts family
Chelsea takeover: here are confirmed bidders after March 18 deadline
The Ricketts family.

The Ricketts family – owners of the Chicago Cubs, have confirmed that they have submitted their bid to buy Chelsea. But at the time of publishing this report, the value of the bid has not been made public.

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The family is said to be backed by Ken Griffin, an American investor who is said to be three times richer than the outgoing owner of Chelsea, Abramovich.

A statement from the Ricketts Family read: “The Ricketts Family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, can confirm they will be leading an investment group that will make a formal bid for Chelsea Football Club this Friday (March 18).

“As long-time operators of an iconic professional sports team, the Ricketts Family and their partners understand the importance of investing for success on the pitch, while respecting the traditions of the club, the fans, and the community.

“We look forward to sharing further details of our plans in due course.”

  1. Sir Martin Broughton
Chelsea takeover: here are confirmed bidders after March 18 deadline
Sir Martin Broughton.

Sir Martin Broughton is a 74-year-old British billionaire who made his name in the football circle after he brokered the sales of the Liverpool football club 12 years ago.

The billionaire who is said to be a Chelsea fan for over 60 years has formed a consortium that have submitted their bid to buy Chelsea since Wednesday.

A statement from Sir Broughton read: “I am assembling a team that will ensure the future success and financial stability of a club I’ve supported for over 60 years.

“We will secure a prompt purchase and smooth transition, with funds readily available for the immediate takeover of the club and immediate investment in the team, facilities, and commercial opportunities. I believe I am the right person to lead Chelsea Football Club as we start this new chapter for the club.

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“I have a track record of success in boardrooms throughout my career and I have done this before. I remain the only person to have effected a change of ownership at a major football club in a similar situation, which I did at Liverpool 12 years ago.

“But most importantly, as a lifelong fan, I am committed to ensuring Chelsea maintains its preeminent position at the top of European football and making sure we put fans first.”

Other bidders:

Aside from the aforementioned bidders, other bidders have successfully submitted their bids for the Chelsea football club before the March 18 deadline.

Reports in the UK confirmed that a consortium consisting of Todd Boehly, a co-owner of LA Dodgers, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, former Conservative government adviser Daniel Finkelstein, and American investment firm Clearlake Capital have submitted their bid.

The bid from the consortium is said to be backed by Jonathan Goldstein, an American-Canadian author, humorist, and radio producer. However, the bid is said to be overfunded.

Also, a global private equity group, Aethel Partners have submitted a bid reportedly worth around £2 billion for Chelsea football club. The group submitted the bid on Thursday.

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