Chelsea Fans Blamed Owner Todd Boehly For The 2-0 Defeat Against Real Madrid

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Chelsea fans blamed Todd Boehly for the 2-0 defeat suffered at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday, April 12.

Chelsea fans couldn’t believe club owner Boehly’s prediction stating they were going to defeat the reigning Champions of Europe, Real Madrid, by 3-0 ahead of the game.

Boehly made this prediction while answering questions from a reporter while he was coming out from a restaurant in Madrid on Wednesday evening.

Chelsea fans slam Todd Boehly

Boehly’s pre-match prediction stunned a lot of Chelsea fans before the Champions League quarterfinals in Spain. The fans believed the owner, Boehly, was clueless and didn’t know the initial condition of the team.

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The American billionaire wants the fans to have faith in the team, but many supporters lost interest as they watched Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio give Real Madrid a comfortable first-leg lead.

One fan posted that “You can’t blame the managers at Chelsea Football Club.”

“The blame lies solely with Boehly. Running Chelsea like it’s a game of Fifa.

“A squad packed full of the same players (midfielders) and no strikers Boehly suggested they’d win 3-0. Embarrassing.”

Another Chelsea fan noted “shame on Beehly” for his bold prediction. Another person wrote, “This is extremely bad, and Boehly just wants to ruin the club.”

The fourth fan stated that “Boehly said we were going to win 3-0 and just watch them get completely and utterly outclassed by Real Madrid.”

Chelsea fans slam Todd Boehly

Another fan called Boehly “Crazy” and predicted that Real Madrid would defeat Chelsea 4-0. Another fan told the American owner that he was joking.

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However, an optimistic fan commented that when Boehly said they were going to win 3-0, he didn’t mean at Santiago Bernabeu but in the second leg at Stamford Bridge.

This is not the first time the fans will be blaming Boehly.

After Chelsea lost to Wolves in the Premier League, many fans put the blame on Boehly for sacking Thomas Tuchel and appointing Graham Potter.

Chelsea fans slam Todd Boehly

Few fans want the season to end quickly due to the poor playing style and inability to win matches in all competitions.

Chelsea had failed to score a goal in the last three matches and they keep getting poor records to their name.

Chelsea have plenty of work to do in order to qualify for the next round of the Champions League.

In the same vein, it will be difficult for Frank Lampard and his players to turn around the 2-0 deficit in the next leg.

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Chelsea tried their best to get goals in the first leg, but it was extremely difficult as Real Madrid succeeded in keeping them off the scoreboard.

Chelsea fans slam Todd Boehly

In the second leg, Chelsea will be without Ben Chilwell, who was given a straight red card, and Kalidou Koulibaly, who got injured in the match.

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