Chelsea And Liverpool Are Biggest Flops After Premier League Wage Bills Are Revealed

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Chelsea and Liverpool, one-time biggest teams in England, are the current flops as their performance do not match their wage bills.

Chelsea And Liverpool Are Biggest Flops After Premier League Wage Bill Revealed

Chelsea and Liverpool are paying their players €333 Million and €366 Million respectively but are currently languishing in 11th and 8th positions in the Premier League.

This is, in layman’s terms, a waste of money as the players are enjoying the finances and it’s not reflecting on performance.

Brighton and Brentford are the biggest overachievers in the Premier League this season with less wages and better performances.

Comparing them to their less wages in the League, the pair have had the most value from their points so far.

Premier League side did release their wage bills for the past year in March which also captures this current EPL season.

Brentford which are managed by Thomas Frank had the most value in the Premier League with just €68 Million in wages.

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They are just sitting 9th in the English Premier League and 18th in the lowest wage bill in the League – a massive feat.

This feat gives Brentford a plus-nine differential, the biggest overachievers in the Premier League this season.

With their current annual bill at €68 Million in wages and on 42 points, it means they only spend £1.6m per point.

Brighton in the same vein, are also enjoying a great value in their own philosophy.

Chelsea And Liverpool Are Biggest Flops After Premier League Wage Bill Revealed

The Seagulls are currently fighting for European involvement next season and are 6th on the league table.

However, Brentford currently have the lowest wage bill compared to others with a plus-eight differential.

The South Coast side have only had to pay £2m per point that they have collected this season.

Well, the “Biggest Spenders” like Chelsea and Liverpool, have shown us that spending big does not always yield results.

The pair have paid a combined £8.5m per point this season, and are struggling for the top four positions in the Premier League.

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Crystal Palace are the only club in the league whose wage bill matches their league position and performance.

Palace are currently 12th in the standings and also are the 12th biggest spenders with annual wage bill of £133m.

The Eagles have spent £4.4m on each point they earned in the Premier League this season.

Newcastle United are also another overachiever in the league even though they are backed by Saudi Money.

The Magpies as they are fondly called, are currently 3rd in the Premier League, even though they have the 9th largest wage bill.

Their wages are likely to increase over the next few seasons given that their owners are mega-rich and ready to spend.

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Manchester United, on the other hand, have the largest wage bill in the EPL with a massive £384m annually.

Chelsea And Liverpool Are Biggest Flops After Premier League Wage Bill Revealed

But regardless of this huge spending, they are better off than Chelsea and Liverpool as each of their 50 points cost them £7.7m.

Even though the Old Trafford outfit are in 5th position in the Premier League, they are just underperforming by four places.

What do you think about these stats and how these teams have fared so far? Share your thoughts with us via the comment section below.

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