Charlie Wyke reveals how Eriksen’s heart problem motivated his return to football

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Charlie Wyke of Wigan Athletic claimed in his recent interview that Christian Eriksen of Manchester United’s survival from cardiac arrest motivated him to return to football.

Wyke’s heart faded away for four minutes, during a training session on November 20, 2021. Wyke has had a defibrillator fitted to his chest, the device that had been inserted into his body is similar to that of Manchester United midfielder Eriksen.

He returned to the on-field game for Wigan against Brimingham City after coming on from bench. The striker set up Wigan’s winner at Birmingham City.

Wyke owes gratitude to Wigan boss Leam Richardson and the club doctors who brought him back to life.

After the incident that happened to Wyke, the club made it compulsory for their players to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of a future occurrence.

Wyke described his return to the on-field action as hell as he thought his career was already over after his Cardiac arrest. Wyke has endured a trying nine months since his collapse.

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Wigan players wore a shirt last year to show Wyke their support and wish him good health. Other big-name players have retired after such injuries, but Wyke never gave up and saw an opportunity to do what he loves. 

Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest while playing for Denmark in the 2020 Euros. He was given a defibrillator to survive. The player couldn’t continue playing for Inter Milan because it is against the law in Italy for athletes to play with a device in them.

He then moved to Brentford on a free transfer, where he signed a one-year deal. Eriksen now plays for Manchester United. 

Who Is Charlie Wyke?

Charlie Wyke

Charlie Wyke is a professional footballer who plays as a striker for Championship side Wigan Athletic. He was born on December 6, 1992, and he is currently 29 years old.

Wyke’s height is 1.88m (6 ft and 2 inches). He started his youth career at the age of five with Middlesbrough in 1997.

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During the 2010-11 campaign, he scored 30 goals. This success fetched him a three-year contract. In 351 appearances, the striker scored 119 goals with 40 appearances.

The striker received 24 yellow cards and three red cards.

He won different individual awards, such as Sunderland player of the year and League One player of the season.

Charlie Wyke Vaccines

Charlie Wyke

On November 21, 2021, Wyke suffered from cardiac arrest and immediately collapsed while playing for Wigan Athletic. The club later confirmed that he didn’t suffer cardiac arrest due to COVID-19 vaccines, and Wyke had not received any.

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