Champions League: What is the value of a team’s prize money, and what is the cost of failing to qualify?

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The UEFA Champions League is still the most prestigious club football competition, and every team wants to win it.

Champions League: What is the value of a team's prize money, and what is the cost of failing to qualify?

But, in addition to the glory of winning, it is also a critical financial factor for the tournament’s largest clubs, as well as those from lesser-known footballing nations.

For teams outside of Europe’s big five leagues, qualifying and making it to the lucrative group stage can be the difference between changing their future and securing their existence as a club.

So, depending on whether or not a team plays Champions League games during the season, how much prize money do they get or lose?

FUTBALLNEWS has compiled a comprehensive list of pertinent information.

Prize money for champions and teams in the Champions League

The prize money in the Champions League automatically rises as a team continues through the tournament.

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The first lucrative feat is making it to the group stage, which presently pays out €15.64 million to each side.

If you keep going, you’ll get more reward money as you go through the rounds.

Winning the challenge might earn you up to €85.1 million in prize money, which is a large sum. In addition to the round-by-round data mentioned in the table below, it’s a total that incorporates match win bonuses.

Champions League: What is the value of a team's prize money, and what is the cost of failing to qualify?

When broadcast revenue is taken into account, the winners will make even more.

There’s also money to be won if you make it to the UEFA Super Cup the following year, with €4.5 million going to the eventual victor and €3.5 million going to the runners-up.

PositionPrize money
Round of 16€9.6m
Group stage€15.64m
Third qualifying round€480k
Second qualifying round€380k
First qualifying round€280k
Preliminary round€230k

How much is each Champions League win worth?

In addition to the money paid out per round advanced, the group stages provide even more riches.

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Every victory nets a team €2.8 million, while a draw nets them €930,000.

Without winning a match in the knockout stage, a team that makes the Champions League group stages and wins all six matches will have already earned €42 million in round-by-round and match bonuses.

This includes the €15.64 million guaranteed as a group member, as well as €16.8 million in victory bonuses and €9.6 million for reaching the last 16.

Winning a Champions League semi-final is extremely valuable in one-off matches.

It offers you an additional €15.5 million, or €20 million if you win the competition.

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