Jealous Tammy Abraham said something disrespectful to Bukayo Saka after Arsenal beat Chelsea 3 – 1

Bukayo Saka was a brilliant young star who scored for Arsenal against Chelsea but Chelsea’s forward Tammy Abraham was very rude to him. He was disrespectful and his comment undermined Bukayo Saka’s talent as a star football player. Arsenal was the underdog in today’s premier league match against Chelsea. The Gooners were supposed to lose […]

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Real Madrid shockingly lost 3 – 2 to Shakhtar Donetsk… UEFA champions league highlights

It must be a state of emergency in Madrid right now as they lost to Shakhtar Donetsk in today’s Uefa Champions League match. Before the half time, Real Madrid was already down by 3 goals, but they were able to score 2 goals in the second half. However, it was too late as Shakhtar Donetsk […]

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Arteta joined forces with Arsenal’s front office to punish Mesut Ozil by freezing him out of the Europa League and the Premier League

It’s clear that Arsenal wants to punish Mesut Ozil, but the sad part was that Arteta joined the front office in implementing moves to freeze out Mesut Ozil. Under Arteta, Ozil hasn’t been giving play time, he was removed from the Europa Cup Players list and now he is been removed from the list of […]

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