Carlo Ancelotti is ’embarrassed’ as Everton are on the verge of not making it to Europe

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Everton started the 2020-2021 season like a house on fire. They were so good that they topped the league table and it was looking like Carlo Ancelotti would lead the club to win the Premier League title this season.

But before January this year, their form dropped drastically and gradually lost their tag of being Premier League title contenders. It got so bad that they could not cope in the top four.

When Carlo Ancelotti thought his team has seen the worst, Everton dropped from the top four. They didn’t stop there, they dropped out of the top 7 which means that their dream of returning to Europe might not be realized at the end of the season.

Initially, Carlo Ancelotti wanted to qualify Everton for the UEFA Champions League ahead of next season but it is now looking like the club might not even qualify for Europa League.

Carlo Ancelotti
Carlo Ancelotti.

On Sunday, Everton hosted relegation-bound Sheffield United at Goodison Park and they were expected to beat the struggling club. However, Sheffield United stunned Carlo Ancelotti and his boys with a goal victory.

If Everton had beaten Sheffield United on Sunday, they would have had 59 points in 36 games which are the same points as 7th and 6th placed West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur. Unfortunately for them, the defeat left them on the 8th spot.

After the defeat, Carlo Ancelotti lamented over the form of Everton at Goodison Park which he said has made the club lost the opportunity of qualifying for a European competition ahead of next season.

“With this defeat, we’ve lost the opportunity to fight with more possibility of being in Europe next season,” Ancelotti said.

“We lost a great opportunity; our chances are less now than before. We have two games left to play; we need to see which position we are in at the end.

“It’s really difficult to explain what is going on here at home; we’ve lost a lot of games, all the same kind of games.

“I have to take the responsibility for this, I hope the players also take responsibility. I am really embarrassed…

“Fortunately we have supporters at our next game, I really hope that they wake us up because we need to wake up at home,” he added. “The supporters can help us to be more focused, concentrated.

“What is difficult to explain is why we did so well away from home and so bad at home. This is the same team, the same players. We have to improve soon and quickly.”

As it stands, Carlo Ancelotti has two games left to push Everton up the league table before the end of the 2020-2021 season. The two league games left for Everton are against Wolves and Manchester City.