Can Harry Maguire Revive His Career?

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Harry Maguire has always been on the spotlight for his subpar performances but he can still revive his game.

He is still a very talented defender, and he has shown that he can be a valuable asset to a team when he is playing at his best.

Harry Maguire

Here are some things that Maguire can do to revive his game:

Find a team where he is the first-choice center-back. Maguire needs to be playing regularly in order to get back to his best. If he is stuck on the bench at Manchester United, he may need to move to another club.

Work with a good coach who can help him improve his game. Maguire needs to identify his weaknesses and work on improving them. A good coach can help him with this.

Focus on the basics. Maguire needs to make sure that he is doing the basics of defending well. This includes things like positioning, marking, and tackling.

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Be confident. Maguire needs to believe in himself and his ability. If he is confident, he will be more likely to play at his best.

Maguire has already shown signs of improvement this season. He played well for England in 2024 Euro qualifiers, and he has had some good performances for Manchester United in some matches. If he can continue to improve, he can still be a top center-back.

It is important to note that Maguire is still under contract with Manchester United. He was linked to a transfer exit from the club although he rejected the move. If Harry Maguire is able to find a team where he is the first-choice center-back and he works hard to improve his game, there is no reason why he cannot revive his career.

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