Bruno Fernandes De Souza Signs For A New Club After Planning The Assassination Of His Mistress

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Bruno Fernandes De Souza, a goalkeeper who was jailed for his role in a sick scheme to kill his mistress has been signed by a new football club.

Bruno Fernandes De Souza Signs For A New Club After Planning The Assassination Of His Mistress

Bruno Fernandes de Souza, a 38-year-old goaltender from Brazil, admitted to ordering the murder of his fiancée, whose body was dismembered and fed to a pack of Rottweilers, and was given a 22-year prison term.

Eliza Samudio, a 25-year-old actress and model, was abducted and killed by a gang in June 2010.

She suffered assault and torture before being strangled to death.

Later, Bruno Fernandes, who had an affair with Eliza and a son before suing for child support and paternity, admitted to organizing the evil plot.

In March 2013, a judge convicted him guilty of ordering the model’s murder, and he was given a 22-year prison term.

Bruno was granted parole in January 2023, with the requirement that he report to the Prison Administration Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro every three months.

Moreover, Orion Futebol Clube revealed earlier this week that it had signed the football player who had previously played for Atletico Mineiro, Corinthians, and Flamengo.

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The team, which will participate in this year’s Super Copa Pioneer, wrote: “Backup for the position, welcome!”

Since receiving a writ of habeas corpus in 2017 and being told to report to jail three months later, Bruno has been signed by seven teams. Orion is the latest.

Atlético Carioca in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro State, was Bruno’s previous team.

The footballer reportedly used to attend marathon 24-hour sex parties despite being married with two daughters; it was at one of these that he met Eliza in May.

Three months after they began dating, Eliza became pregnant.

Eliza had a son as a result of her romance with Bruno.

While she was pregnant, she went to the police and said that two of Bruno’s friends had kidnapped her and forced her to ingest a substance that would cause a miscarriage.

When the medication was ineffective, she gave birth to Bruninho, sometimes known as “Little Bruno,” in February 2010.

She was persuaded to get into a car after the baby was born with the promise that Bruno would provide her an apartment and any amount of maintenance pay she desired, but she was driven with the baby to Bruno’s residence.

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There, she was abused for six days while being strapped to a chair by a gang that included Marcos Santos, a former police officer, his young cousin, Bruno’s wife, and another former lover.

Eliza was tormented while loud music played, and then she was killed in front of her son by being strangled.

An extensive police investigation into her disappearance led to the discovery of the truth, through one of Bruno’s accomplices—his young cousin— who confessed to all the crimes.

Bruno finally sobbed in court and admitted to his role in the scheme after originally denying any involvement.

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He insisted that although he had “received” the order to kill Eliza and was aware of her death, he had not actually given it.

Once the judge stated that he had “meticulously calculated” the execution, he was given a sentence of 22 years in jail.

In July 2019, his closed jail sentence was changed to a semi-open one.

Under a semi-open prison system, inmates are permitted to labor outside the facility during the day but are required to come inside at night.

But, because Varginha Prison’s accommodations were subpar, authorities had let him to spend the night at home, where he was required to remain from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night.

Bruno Fernandes De Souza

Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, also known as Bruno Fernandes or Goleiro Bruno (literally, “Goalkeeper Bruno”), was a Brazilian professional football goalie who was also convicted of murder.

He won trophies while playing goalie for Flamengo between 2007 and 2009.

He was accused of torturing and killing his extramarital lover, who was also the mother of his youngest kid, in 2010.

He was convicted of ordering her murder in 2013, sentenced to 22 years in prison, and freed in February 2017 pending an appeal. He was also found guilty of concealing the body and taking his infant son.

His re-arrest was mandated by the Supreme Court of Brazil in April 2017. He was given permission to work or train during the day while remaining under partial house arrest at night in July 2019.

Afterwards, from 2019 and 2021, he played for Poços de Caldas, Rio Branco Football Club, and Atlético Carioca.

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