Bruna Biancardi, the girlfriend of Neymar, got a special birthday celebration

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Bruna Biancardi, the girlfriend of Paris Saint Germain forward, Neymar, turned 28-year-old on April 15, 2022, and the footballer did not hesitate to celebrate her as much as he could.

In one of the ways Neymar chose to celebrate Bruna Biancardi, the 30-year-old Brazilian left-back took to his Instagram page with 172 million followers to share pictures showing when he was having a good time with his lover.

In the pictures, Bruna Biancardi could be seen striking differing poses while Neymar was seen trying to take a shot of her using a phone.

While in the caption, the Brazilian footballer described his lover as beautiful and wished her all the best in the world. The football star added that he was happy to have Bruna Biancardi in his life.

Neymar wrote: “Bruh, beautiful. I wish you all the best things in this world, may you fulfill all your dreams. The day is yours but the gift is ours. So happy to have you in my life. I love you.”

Also, the “beautiful” celebrant took to her Instagram page with 857,000 followers to post a group picture in which she posed next to Neymar. In the caption, the Brazilian social media influencer thanked the footballer for an “amazing gift”, declaring him a part of her family.

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Biancardi wrote: “Thank you for this amazing gift, for this surprise, and for thinking about every detail @neymarjr ❤️ having my family this day with me is being very special! I love you”.

What we know about the relationship between Biancardi and Neymar

Bruna Biancardi and Neymar.
Bruna Biancardi and Neymar.

Neymar and Bruna Biancardi have been trying to keep their love affairs private. But the attempt to make it a private relationship ended in August 2021 when the two of them were spotted on a yacht trip in Ibiza, Spain.

What we know about the relationship between Biancardi and Neymar

Reports claimed that Neymar and Biancardi were at the holiday resort last summer alongside Paris Saint Germain forward Lionel Messi, and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo. Atletico Madrid forward, Luis Suarez was also at the resort alongside his wife, Sofia Balbi.

After that appearance, Biancardi started posting pictures of herself and Neymar casually on her Instagram story to tell the world that a special relationship exists between her and the football star.

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Neymar also returned the favor by posting pictures of himself and the beautiful Brazilian model on his Instagram page to show how serious he is with the damsel.

The height of it was when Neymar took Bruna Biancardi to his family house in Brazil for the 2021 Christmas and New Year holidays.

What we know about the relationship between Biancardi and Neymar

When Neymar turned 30-year-old on February 5, 2022, Biancardi did not hesitate to take to her Instagram story to wish the footballer a happy birthday.

And now, when she celebrated her 28th birthday on April 15, 2022, Neymar returned the favor by celebrating her on his Instagram page.

Biancardi also showed some love to the footballer by taking to her Instagram page to appreciate Neymar for an “amazing gift” he gifted her on her 28th birthday.

Who is Bruna Biancardi?

Who is Bruna Biancardi?
Bruna Biancardi.

Before Bruna Biancardi came into the limelight as Neymar’s girlfriend, she has been trying to build her life and profile both online and offline.

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She was born on April 15th, 1994 which means that she is currently 28-year-old. Unlike Neymar that focused on football, Biancardi is a university graduate. She graduated from the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi where she studied fashion.

For over eight years, Biancardi has been working for Long Island clothing brand as a marketing and e-commerce manager. She is also a busy Instagram influencer.

Before the world knew that Biancardi is dating Neymar in August 2021, her Instagram followers were less than 400,000. Her affiliation with Neymar has increased her followers to close to a million within months.

Neymar officially has an eleven years old son, Davi Lucca from his former relationship with Carolina Dantas but it is not clear whether Biancardi had given birth before she met Neymar. However, she has a series of pictures on her Instagram page posing with a little girl who is suspected to be her daughter from a previous relationship.

Who is Bruna Biancardi?

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