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Best Assists From Goalkeepers In Premier League History (video)

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The 2022-2023 English Premier League kicks off a few days from now, with Arsenal taking on Crystal Palace. Mikel Arteta was saddled with the task of opening the season with an away fixture at Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace. As the intrigue, drama, and usual suspense return on August 5. Ahead of all that drama, FutballNews takes a look at 5 top best assists from goalkeepers in the English Premier League.

Regular assists by teammates on a pitch are typical of everyday football matches. However, when a goalkeeper delivers an assist for a goal, it becomes a novelty and a fantastic twist to the game that deserves applause. This is because goalkeepers’ roles in matches are more or less mobile. The keeper requires staggering depths of precision and a good long-range shot to deliver an assist. 

Below are top 5 Best Assists From Goalkeepers in the Premier

Premier league
Top Premier League goalkeepers

When the Premier League was more of a rivalry between Manchester United and Chelsea, the two goalies for each side – Petr Cech and Edwin van Der Sar were among the goalkeepers with shocking assists, which led to great and crucial goals. A right or left-footed long-range shot with a good striker was all they needed. 

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Years after, some goalkeepers continue to showcase such a rare skill. Below are the best assists from goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League.

Premier League goalkeepers

Emerson: Manchester City vs. Spurs 13 February 2021

It was a top clash between Manchester City and Spurs. Emerson fired a right-footed shot from the box straight into the opponents’ half with Ike Gundogan ready to convert. Gundogan dribbled past both the defender and the Spurs goalkeeper to score for the Citizens.

Petr Cech Wolves vs. Chelsea, 20th February 2010 Drogba

Legendary Ivorian international Didier Drogba was the Blues’ star striker in 2010, while Petr manned the goal for the Blues. Cech fired in a long long-range that met an ever-ready Drogba, who converted it to a goal to give Chelsea the lead against Wolves on February 20, 2010.

Edwin Van Der Sar: Manchester United vs Aston Villa 1st Feb 2011.

Another fantastic goalkeeper assist came from legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van Der Sar. Van der Sar’s assist was converted by Wayne Rooney, who fired home a rocket to score for Manchester United against Aston Villa on February 1, 2011. 

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Pepe Reina:  Liverpool vs Fulham November 10, 2007

On November 10, 2007, Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina set up Liverpool star striker Fernando Torres as the Reds clashed with Fulham in a crucial Premier League encounter.  Reina knocked back a pass to locate Torres in the far front, who chested the ball down and dribbled past the Fulham defender to find the back of the net.

Lukasz Fabianski: Swansea vs Sunderland January 13, 2016

Another top goalkeeper assist came from Lukasz Fabianski, who took the goal and fired it into the front straight to the Ghanaian striker Andrew scoring for Swansea City against Sunderland.

Watch the assists and goals below:

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