Benjamin Mendy: Woman narrates regretful sexual encounter with the Man City footballer

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A woman has narrated her awkward and regretful sexual encounter with Benjamin Mendy at his home in Manchester while testifying to the charges against the 28-year-old Manchester City embattled footballer before the jury at the Chester Crown Court.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy is currently standing trial at Chester Crown Court for charges of sexual assault, attempted rape, and rape. The France international faces one count charge of sexual assault, and an eight-count charge of rape. The Manchester City defender has been standing trial on the Chester Crown over allegations of sexual assault, rape, and attempted rape since Monday, August 15, 2022.

Testifying before the court, the woman, who is just known as one of the victims of Mendy’s alleged sexual escapades, opened up on what transpired between her and Mendy at his residence in Manchester. According to her, she could not have shouted for help after being attacked by Mendy because it was pointless doing so. After all, she was in his house.

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Giving evidence before the Jury at Chester Crown Court, the 32-year-old narrated how Benjamin Mendy bumped into the bathroom with only boxers while she was bathing naked.

The testimony of the 32-year-old alleged victim was played live at the Chester Crown court before the Jury. It captured graphic details of what allegedly occurred between the woman and Benjamin Mendy.

From the record, the alleged victim had gone on a night out with her friend in October 2018 and spent the night with her at Benjamin Mendy’s residence. Benjamin Mendy had walked in and, out of shock, she shouted at him to leave as she was naked.

Instead of leaving, Benjamin Mendy “held himself in his private area,” the woman said. She immediately wrapped herself with her towel and immediately grabbed her underwear to put on. Shockingly, Benjamin Mendy “grabbed my underwear and snatched it from me,” the woman said.

“He kept obstructing me and did not just want me to have clothes on. He kept grabbing and dragging me to himself as I kept pushing him back,” the woman continued.

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“He later sat on the bed and dragged me on top of himself after flinging my underwear and obstructing me from covering myself with the towel.

“I kept wriggling out of his grasp as he kept pushing hard and was coming very close. But I had pushed him away as much as I could.”

Explaining to the Police officer as the record plays, the woman could be heard asking herself, “why is this happening? Should I scream? There is no point screaming because he is in his own house.”

The woman blamed herself for what transpired that day because she took herself with her friend to Benjamin Mendy’s house. According to her, the situation would have been averted if she did not take herself to Manchester with her friend.

“I pretty much landed myself in that situation because I shouldn’t have gone up there [to Manchester],” she said.

According to the woman, she has met Mendy at a club in Barcelona in October 2018, but the latter was more interested in her friends who followed her to the club.

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The 32-year-old explained how she traveled to meet Mendy’s friend in Cheshire in Manchester. There, they set out for a restaurant and had a good time before Mendy approached her and said he would kidnap her when her friends look away. She thought he was joking.

The woman complained about Mendy’s predatory look and how insecure she felt at Mendy’s residence.

The prosecutors describe Mendy as a predator that hunts women for sex just for the fun of it. The 32-year-old is one of the eight women that Mendy has allegedly assaulted.

Mendy could face five to twenty years in prison if convicted, with life imprisonment not ruled out.

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