Benjamin Mendy of Man City does not have a wife but seems to have a girlfriend

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Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy is facing a rape and sexual scandal battle and he will appear in court later today, August 27, 2021. Since the news broke, football fans have been wondering if the Premier League star is guilty or not?

Though it is not our duty to prove whether Benjamin Mendy is guilty or not, if the court finds him guilty, the world would wonder why he could not call up his numerous hookups when he felt like having fun with someone.

Based on what we gathered, Benjamin Mendy is not legally married to anyone which explains why he has been linked to a couple of hookups in the past.

Before the 27-year-old French left-back started showing the world that he likes to have fun, he once tweeted that his new girlfriend is the Premier League title. Mendy who joined Manchester City from Monaco on July 24, 2017, for €57.50 million shared the tweet after Manchester City won the 2017-2018 Premier League title.

Benjamin Mendy of Man City does not have a wife but seems to have a girlfriend

Since then, nothing was heard about the love affairs of the French footballer until news broke that he breached covid-19 protocol in 2020 by inviting some friends to an in-house new year party.

While trying to defend his action then, Benjamin Mendy reportedly claimed that those in attendance at the party were his girlfriend, niece, nephew, and chef. He failed to reveal the identity of the girlfriend.

Who is the named girlfriend of Benjamin Mendy?

Who is the named girlfriend of Benjamin Mendy?
Benjamin Mendy and Claudia Marino.

As mentioned earlier, Mendy is not married yet. And there is no report anywhere that confirms whether or not he has any child yet.

However, the Franch international has mentioned that he has a girlfriend in 2020 but we couldn’t confirm whether the relationship was still active when he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted unnamed victim(s).

Few weeks after Benjamin Mendy breached covid-19 protocol in the United Kingdom in 2020, he decided to host one Claudia Marino at his £5 million Cheshire home instead of her to self-isolate at a government-approved hotel since she flew from Greece.

That was seen as another breach of the covid-19 protocol but not much action was taken against him. Claudia who was 22-year-old then, spent four days at Benjamin Mendy’s mention before she flew back to Greece.

A statement from Claudia published by ‘The Sun’ after her 4-day with Mendy read: “I’m not naive and I know what footballers are like but I thought it would be an experience.

“He was single so I wasn’t hurting anybody. We had some drinks and laughed. One day he took me to Leeds where he saw his dentist.”

Since then, nothing much was heard about the affairs between Claudia and Benjamin Mendy nor with any other lady until the ongoing rape scandal involving the footballer.

What next for Mendy?

What next for Mendy?
Benjamin Mendy.

The Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom has authorized the Cheshire constabulary to charge Benjamin Mendy with rape and sexual assault.

Manchester City have suspended the 27-year-old French footballer pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation against him.

Mendy is expected to appear before Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, 27th of August, 2021 for the commencement of court proceedings.

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