Battle for Top 4: Can Leicester City Survive?

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Though Liverpool football club has won the Premier League title for the 2019-2020 season, the League is not over yet as there is a fight to finish as far as qualification for next season is concerned. The Brendan Rodgers led Leicester City were literary on fire at the beginning of the prolonged season enjoying about 6 matches unbeaten run at some point in the season. Before the coronavirus pandemic halted football on March 13, Leicester City was already sitting comfortably on the 3rd spot, leaving Chelsea football club, Wolves, Sheffield United, and Manchester United to battle for the 4th spot.

Sadly, the return from the coronavirus induced break has not worked very well in Leicester‘s favour. Since football returned to the Premier League, Brendan Rodgers and his boys have not managed to win three of the matches they have played so far. They have recorded two draws in two premier league matches while they were knocked out of the FA Cup at the weekend by Chelsea.

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This unfortunate return to football has left them dangling on the 3rd spot of the league table with 55 points in 31 matches. While Chelsea is seated on the 4th spot with 54 points and the same number of games. Wolves and Manchester United are still chasing them behind with 52 points each.

This means that any slight mistake or carelessness on the part of Leicester City in their remaining 7 games, it could spell doom to their Champions League qualification ambition.

The prevention against such a mistake has to start this evening when Leicester City meet 12th placed Everton football club. A win in that match is so important that if the otherwise happens, Leicester will edge closer to falling off the top four.

Mathematically, there is little or no chance for Leicester City

Mathematically, there is little or no chance for Leicester City

Mathematically, if Leicester lose to Everton this evening, and Chelsea football club win West Ham United later in the night, Leicester will drop to the 4th spot with 55 points while Chelsea would move up to 3rd spot with 57 points.

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Hence, Leicester will be three points away from 5th and 6th placed Manchester United and Wolves that have 52 points each.

If other teams who are in this battle keep winning their matches and Leicester fail to win two of their remaining 6 matches after today, their fall will be eminent. And unfortunately, it is very possible for Leicester to lose at least three matches out of 7 because the club still has a date with Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Manchester United and Sheffield United. Hence, if Leicester City’s bad form continues, their drop from the top four is inevitable.

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