Barcelona coach Koeman criticizes Lionel Messi, “not at his best this season”

Ronald Koeman during a press conference

Barcelona’s new coach Koeman is not holding back his disrespectful words toward Messi. He clearly said that Lionel Messi is done and has nothing to offer Barcelona. Messi, who carried Barcelona on his back to win many trophy for the club is now been classified as ” not at his best”.

“Maybe, at the moment, Messi’s performances could be better,” the Dutchman told the press ahead of Barca’s return to European action against the Hungarian champions at Camp Nou on Tuesday.

“But he is happy, he is working hard and he wants to be the captain. I don’t have a single complaint. He has also had some bad luck. He hit the post [in Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Getafe] and on another day that goes in.

“I don’t have any doubts about his performances and we’re going to see him [at his best] in the upcoming games, I’m sure.”

Saying that Messi is not at his best is bit disrespectful and this also means that there are players who are better than him at the club. Anyone who knows football will disagree with Barcelona coach Koeman here.


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