Arsenal, Southampton, others to benefit bonus from Liverpool after clinching Premier League title

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Arsenal, Southampton, will be among the clubs that would benefit from Liverpool’s winning of the Premier League for the first time in three decades.

This is because there have been several clauses inserted in the contracts of players sold to the Reds in case the win the Premier League title with them. So, with Liverpool declared champions after Chelsea defeated Manchester City 2-1 on Thursday, the Merseyside club will have to pay out some millions, and the Saints will be the highest beneficiary.

Arsenal will be rewarded for selling Oxlade-Chamberlain to the title winners, while Southampton will be smiling to the bank after selling Virgil Van Dijk, Dejan Lovren, Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana to the Reds. According to reports, the Saints will be earning £3million in fees. Others are Hull City and Chalton Athletics for the sales of  Andrew Robertson and Joe Gomez. The clubs will be getting a little slide from the pie.

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Impact of the selling clause

The impact of such highly financially-incentive clauses in the transfer proposals often allows clubs to sign their target for less than the selling team would like.

The selling clubs will later smile from the one-off fee which could be highly beneficial to them somewhere down the line should their new team be successful.

So, as things stand, Southampton, who have often been tagged “feeder team” of Liverpool, will undoubtedly be happy with their business now.

Southampton and Charlton will receive bonus from Liverpool for Gomes and Van/Dick’s involvement in the EPL triumph

With such money, the clubs can use them to reinvest and enlarge their scouting network to discover new talents that can be a future bargain for the big clubs. Apart from even getting huge amounts as transfer fees, for instance, in the sales of Van Dijk by Southampton, the selling clubs make more money at the end of the day in replacement of the hard work put into the player being a target for other bigger clubs.

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The Saints that have over the years buy players and sell them will be happy being a club that has one of the best academy products in England.

This shows that the business of football is growing, and clubs can make money years after selling their top players, who would later become a mainstay in the top team and win titles.

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