Arsenal is looking into homophobic insults from fans at a game against Brighton

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Arsenal is looking into homophobic comments from fans after their 2-1 Premier League loss to Brighton on Saturday.

Arsenal is looking into homophobic insults from fans at a game against Brighton

Two fans were expelled from Emirates Stadium during the game, according to the club.

Arsenal declared in a statement, “We will take the harshest action necessary against culprits who can be identified.”

“We’d also like to remind supporters that homophobic abuse is a hate crime that is criminal under the law,” said the group.

“We increased stewarding efforts in places where abuse was reported,” they stated.

“Arsenal should be a welcome and safe atmosphere for everybody.” At our club, any form of discrimination is not tolerated.”

Fans who reported the occurrences were praised by Arsenal.

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When the two sides met at Brighton’s Amex Stadium in October, an Arsenal fan was banned for homophobic insults.

What Happened?

A football supporter who was found guilty of yelling homophobic abuse during a Premier League match at the Amex Stadium will be banned indefinitely.

Following a hearing at Brighton Magistrates Court, Reece was found guilty of obscene chanting at a designated football match on Tuesday and was given a three-year football ban. In addition, he was fined and forced to pay costs.

Brighton cooperated closely with Sussex Police on the case and will impose extra sanctions following the guilty judgment.

On Thursday, a club spokeswoman stated, “We have a zero-tolerance policy to all sorts of anti-social behavior, which includes any form of abuse.”

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Arsenal is looking into homophobic insults from fans at a game against Brighton

“We worked together with Sussex Police to identify and prosecute the individual in question, and we applaud the court’s guilty decision.”

“The individual will also be barred from using Amex for an undetermined period of time.”

This, on the other hand, is depressing to read. No one should be abused while cheering on their favorite team.

Fans who saw and heard what was going on took it upon themselves to report it, which was a good. That is something we require more of.

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