Arsenal fans to launch breakaway club Dial Square FC to protest against Kroenke

Arsenal fans2
Arsenal fans2

Arsenal fans are clearly frustrated with the owner of the North London club, Stan Kroenke. As a result, some fans are planning to launch a breakaway club, the club will be called Dial Square FC.

For the past few seasons, some Arsenal fans have held a series of protests because they think the club is going towards the wrong direction. They are unhappy with Kroenke, and they are still unhappy due to the lack of top-quality players. Also, they are upset because the club continues to perform poorly.

Part of the protest was targeted towards managerial leadership and this led to the departure of former manager Arsene manager. The same thing happened after the appointment of Unai Emery. Emery was also fired right after the protest about his job performance.

And now several supporter groups are united behind a campaign titled ‘We care, do you?’, amid more concerns over the running of the club.

FutballNews understands that this group launched the breakaway club that they named Dial Square FC, a name from Arsenal’s original root. The club will start playing under this name at the start of next season, and they hope to emulate AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester who also started as spinoff club. The new club will play in a burgundy shirt and white socks. They hope to enter in the ninth tier of English football known as Combined Counties League in August.

Arsenal fans to lauch breakaway club Dial Square FC to protest against Kroenke

The name Dial Square dates back to the Arsenal football club’s roots; Arsenal used to use the name back in 1886 and this new club will take after this name. Dial Square FC club signed a deal with Abbey Rangers to share the stadium with them next season. Abbey Rangers’ home will serve as a temporary home for Dial Square FC while the club plans to return to Arsenal’s original home in Woolwich in the near future.

According to reports, a lifelong Arsenal fan Stuart Morgan started the plan to launch Dial Square FC. Speaking to The Athletic, Morgan said Arsenal have “lost its identity” in recent years.
“The club has lost its identity in so many different ways,” he said.
“This Arsenal team, the club, the set-up, the stadium, is nothing like it was in its heyday.
“It’s so commercialised, I sat at club level. It’s soulless, it’s lifeless, it’s not Arsenal Football Club.
“The reason I wanted to do this project is to go back to the beginning, to try and get back to that original Arsenal.”
Morgan added: “Our aim is to get to play league football at our own purpose-built stadium in Woolwich within 15-20 years.
“We want to be as close to the old arms factory as possible. This has been done before and we can do it again.”


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