Argentina Mock Drake With Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Song After The Rapper Placed $300,000 Bet on Canada to Defeat Argentina in 2024 Copa America


Argentina took a shot at Canadian rapper Drake, using Kendrick Lamar’s song “Not Like Us”, after he placed a $300,000 bet on Canada to beat the reigning Champions of the World, Argentina.

Drake posted an image on his Instagram page that shows that the bet would have given him a $2.8 million payout if the Canada national team had defeated Argentina in the semi-finals of the Copa America. 

The World Cup winners responded to Drake’s post with the caption: “Not Like us and not with us.”

The Canada national team failed to defeat the current World Champions, Argentina. The Argentina side defeated Canada 2-0 with goals from Julian Alvarez and Lionel Messi.

How The Argentina National Team Defeated The Canada National Team

For the first 10 minutes, it was the Canada national team that was the better side.

However, the Argentina national team went ahead in the 22nd minute of the game through Julian Alvarez, who was extremely composed in front of goal. 

The second goal came from Lionel Messi in the 51st minute after several attempts on goal. The goal was initially ruled out for offside before it was given as Lionel Messi’s goal after a VAR check.

How Drake Was Trolled by The Argentina Fans

The Argentina fans went to social media in large numbers to troll the Canadian rapper after he lost $300,00 for placing a bet on Canada to defeat Argentina in the Copa America.

A fan said, “Drake has really been losing in all areas lately, clearly “not like us” and not with us after losing $300,000.

Another fan said, “I’m glad he missed his bet.
He made the wrong bet.”

Another fan said, “Spending $300k on a bet is not a wise decision. Actually, betting in general is not good. If you are into betting, seek help before it ruins you.”

The Argentina team will be looking forward to playing the 2024 Copa America final against Colombia on July 15, 2024. The Argentina team have been tipped to win the 2024 Copa America.

Drake Personal Life

The Grammy Award winner, Drake, currently lives in Toronto. He lives in a mansion worth $100 million on a famous estate named The Embassy.


He owned a house nicknamed Yolo Estate in California. Drake bought a Beverly Crest home for $70 million. In addition, he owns a Boeing 767-200 private jet, which was acquired in 2020.

The rapper has various tattoos, which symbolise his accomplishments so far in music. It was revealed that he has 193 awards, including five Grammys

Drake Beef With America Rapper Kendrick Lamar


The two big guns in the rap industry have been dissing each other since 2010. In 2013, Lamar heavily dissed Drake in a song titled “Control” by Big Sean. 

The beef escalated in March 2024 with Lamar song titled “Like That,” where he dissed both Drake and J. Cole. The “Like That” Song was made after Drake and J. Cole dissed Kendrick Lamar on a song titled “First Person Shooter.”

On April 5, 2024, Cole responded to Lamar’s diss with a rap track titled “7 Minutes Drill.” A week later, the rapper proceeded to remove the song from all streaming platforms.

Drake went ahead and released two tracks titled Push Ups and Taylor Made Freestyle. Lamar responded back to Drake tracks with songs titled Euphoria and 6:16.

Drake responded later with track titled “Family Matters” accusing Lamar of being a family abuser. Lamar replied with the song “Meet the Grahams.” accusing the Canadian rapper of being a Sex Offender.

In addition, Lamar released another track named “Not Like Us”.Drake responded with a track titled “The Heart Part 6.”

Drake Betting Spree 

The Canadian rapper is a well-known gambler in sports. The rapper had lost millions of dollars since he started staking. It was revealed that he had lost a total of $29.6 million in various sports bets.

He lost $1 million in a stake involving the Mavs to win the NBA Final against the Boston Celtics and a stake in the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cups.


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