Antony of Manchester United Admits He’s Learning From Cristiano Ronaldo


Manchester United’s new signing Antony has acknowledged that he is trying to pick up as much knowledge as he can from Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

After the Brazilian international joined Manchester United in the summer, the pair became colleagues. The Samba star has vowed to continue his fascinating style of football from the Dutch league to the Premier League.

Manchester United
Antony and Cristiano Ronaldo

Antony was purchased by Manchester United for a staggering £84.5 million during the summer transfer window, and days later the Brazil international scored on his debut against Arsenal.

And the Samba star has now acknowledged he hopes to pick from Ronaldo’s experience as much as possible while they continue to work together.

Ronaldo wanted to leave United in the summer but was unable to find a team ready to pay his staggering £500,000 weekly contract.

Manchester United
Antony in United Jersey

Speaking to the club media, Antony expressed his happiness to be a Manchester United player.

“I’m here to support my guys,” he declared. “All of the athletes have tremendous talent, regardless of age.”

“The best in the world, Cristiano, is beyond words. I’ve picked up a lot from him in a short period. Every time I speak with him, I learn a lot from his exceptional mind.

“We have a powerful attack, and that is very encouraging for the future, I am certain.

For his tricks and flicks at United so far, Antony has gone viral and even drawn criticism for his on-field flare.

Erik Ten Hag

Speaking on the topic, Dutch football manager Erik ten Hag said, “he is not really at the top yet. I gauge that based on his performance in the Dutch league, which included 18 goals and 14 assists over 57 games. That’s a little depressing.

“In England, your ankles are sawn off. If I were his coach, I would admonish him to cease dribbling.

But Antony has vowed to remain the same and has said he has always been keen to put on a show for stadium patrons.

Antony said, “I’ve always done this.

“Not just for this squad, but for every team I’ve ever played for.

“I’ve done it since I was a young child. It’s something I’ve always done; it’s one of my traits.

“I am already adjusting and settling in here. I’ve always liked entertaining people, so I’ll keep doing it.”

The beginning of Antony and Ronaldo’s time together at Manchester United has been uneven.

They made an impression when the Red Devils defeated Arsenal 3-1 on Sunday, with Marcus Rashford scoring twice while Antony grabbed a debut goal.

Unfortunately, the pair was not at their peak during Thursday night’s 1-0 loss to Real Sociedad.

Steve Nicol criticised Ronaldo after that game, saying the 37-year-old veteran was beginning to look his age.

Nicol replied, “I’ll be honest, the first image I have in my head when you mention the game is Ronaldo clean through [on goal] and getting caught by two players.

“I guess that’s what comes to mind. He did take another look, though.

“He had additional opportunities, though they weren’t as excellent as that one, and something was still lacking.

“When I consider this game, I think about that.

“There weren’t many chances throughout the game, and there wasn’t much of a contest between the two teams.

“But that’s all I can come up with. The fact that Ronaldo was spotless throughout and appeared to be 36 to 37 years old.”


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