Antony: Gabriela Cavallin Shares Bombshell WhatsApp Chat, Gruesome Footage of Assault Incident [See Photos]

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Gabriela Cavallin has taken her assault allegations on Antony further by making public gruesome footage of the assault incident, including a bombshell Whatsapp chat with the footballer.

Recall the celebrity DJ and influencer first went public of her assault claims on Antony on 6 June 2023 when she revealed to Brazil website, OUL, how Antony brutally manhandled her while she was in a relationship with him.

Gabriela Cavallin cited numerous instances of the alleged abuse, including an occasion she suffered a miscarriage of a 17-week pregnancy after Antony headbutted her, forced to bed and jumped on her with fury.


She also mentioned an incident in which Antony locked her inside his room in Manchester and threw a broken glass on her leading to a severe cut to her hands. She also reportedly lost her breast implant and had to undergo surgery after one of Antony’s attack.

Gabriela reported the assault to Brazilian authorities with footage of the incident to back up her claims although she did not make the evidence public.

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Now, she has taken her allegations a step further by making public the incriminating footage of the assault incident.

Gabriela Cavallin reveals bombshell Whatsapp chat and wounded thigh

Cavallin has shared a footage of her conversation with Antony in the heat of their clash in the ill-fated relationship. A translated version of the WhatsApp chat goes thus;

“I want to end the relationship,” Antony said.

Cavallin replied: “But you completely injured me and said those things, broke my stuff.

“Nobody can change or do anything after what happened but it seems like you don’t even care.”

Antony added, “There’s also stuff that really hurt me, you know?

“Because I want you to stay close so we can start over and carry on with the good things we have together

“I also told you nice things in person and I apologised for everything.”

“I’m regretful since my first mistake with you”.

In Cavallin’s second footage, there is a clip of woman’s thigh with a skirt soaked with blood.

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Footage showing Gabriela Cavallin’s blood-soaked thigh after an instance of Antony’s alleged abuse

Manchester United deny claims of covering up Antony in assault allegations

Manchester United have denied claims by Cavallin’s lawyers they are trying to cover up evidence for the assault incident involving their winger, Antony.

Cavallin’s lawyers claimed Manchester United doctors treated Cavallin and refused to allow her to be treated in a hospital to avoid queries.

Reacting to Cavallin’s lawyers’ claim, United spokesperson said the club’s player contacted a private doctor to treat Cavallin not the club’s doctor.

The spokesperson described Cavallin’s lawyers’ claim as ‘categorically false.’

Manchester United have been under pressure to suspend Antony after Brazil FA suspended the player following the allegations.

The club have issued a statement that they are aware of the allegations but will not comment further pending the outcome of investigations.

Manchester United’s handling of Antony’s assault allegations has raised eyebrows when compared with how they handled Mason Greenwood’s saga.

United suspended Mason Greenwood after the allegations were made but it appears the club are not ready to toe the same line in Antony’s saga. They have withheld their decision until investigations into the incident is concluded.

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Futballnews understands both Brazil and Manchester Police have begun investigations into the assault allegations. Antony’s current partner and mother of one, Rosilene Silva, was spotted parking her belongings and leaving Antony’s Cheshire home amid the assault allegations.

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