Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea, Lucas Digne, and Matty Cash of Aston Villa were attacked with objects during PL games… Suspects arrested

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Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea was hit by objects during the Premier League game between his club and Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, January 23, 2022.

After the incident, security operatives at Stamford Bridge discovered through CCTV footage that the objects came from the away stand of the stadium. Through the footage, two men were arrested in connection with the incident.

When the incident happen, the match officials had to pause the game while Rudiger helped to remove the objects thrown at him off the pitch.

The match official tried to talk to Rudiger after he was hit by objects on Sunday.

Though it has been confirmed that the Metropolitan Police have arrested two men for throwing objects to the pitch during the Premier League game, it is not clear why Antonio Rudiger seemed to be targeted.

The only controversy that could have inspired such an act against the German defender is the speculation that he could leave Chelsea next summer when his contract expires. Reports claimed that the outrageous wage increase Rudiger is demanding is the reason Chelsea have not been able to renew his contract.

On the other hand, there are reports that Chelsea are yet to give up on trying to convince the German defender to stay amid interest from Real Madrid.

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However, it is not likely that Antonio Rudiger had to be attacked with objects on Sunday because of his contract tussle since the objects came from the away stand of the stadium.

Antonio Rudiger wondering why objects were thrown at him during the Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge.
Antonio Rudiger wondered why objects were thrown at him during the Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge.

After the game which ended 2-0 in favor of Chelsea courtesy of goals from Hakim Ziyech and Thiago Silva, coach Thomas Tuchel urged football stakeholders in England to work together to end the trend of objects being thrown to the pitch during games.

“I sent the message to our fans – support us, we love to [have] them close to the pitch, we love a brilliant atmosphere [and] that they are not behind fences or nets”, the coach said.

“From there everybody needs to show respect. But in general, I’m not concerned. Right now I enjoy the atmosphere.

“If this is a new trend we need to act together to make sure that it stops as soon as possible, to protect the fantastic environment and unique atmosphere of England.”

Just like Antonio Rudiger, Lucas Digne and Matty Cash were also attacked

Just like Antonio Rudiger, Lucas Digne and Matty Cash were also attacked
Lucas Digne and Matty Cash of Aston Villa land on the pitch in pain after they were attacked by a fan.

Just like how fans threw objects at Antonio Rudiger during Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, Lucas Digne, and Matty Cash of Aston Villa suffered the same fate during and Premier League game between Villa and Everton on Saturday, January 22.

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Recall that on Saturday, Aston Villa visited struggling Everton at Goodison Park, and the visitors scored in an additional third minute of the first half. When Villa players were celebrating the goal, plastic bottles were launched from the stands at Lucas Digne and Matty Cash.

It was later confirmed that it was an Everton supporter that threw the bottles at the players. The suspect was arrested during the weekend.

The man that was arrested in connection with the attack was identified as 19-year-old Roger Tweedle. He has been released on bail and has been scheduled to appear at South Sefton Magistrates’ Court on February 28.

It is believed that the fan attacked Lucas Digne, and Matty Cash out of agitation that they had to celebrate against Everton, their former club. Recall that Cash and Digne joined Aston Villa from Everton earlier in January.

A statement from Everton in connection with the incident read: “Police have arrested a supporter at Goodison Park for throwing a missile onto the pitch during today’s Premier League match against Aston Villa.

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“Several objects were thrown towards the pitch following Aston Villa’s goal at the end of the first half, with one missile appearing to strike two opposition players.

“Investigations in conjunction with the police are ongoing, and the club will issue bans to any fans identified throwing objects.”

After the 1-0 win over Everton on Saturday, one of the victims of the attack, Cash told BT Sport that a plastic bottle hit him on his head during the attack.

“It was crazy. It hit me straight on the head”, the football star said. “It’s not nice having that but we got three points, so we’ll take that.”

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