Antonella Rocuzzo, Wife of Lionel Messi Reveals The Meaning of Messi’s New ”Cupped Fingers” Goal Celebration


Lionel Messi raised eyebrows with his new goal celebration after recording his third goal for Inter Miami.

The Barcelona legend have been a talking point after making the big move to the MLS, joining Inter Miami on a two-year deal.

Some pundits have taken Messi’s Inter Miami switch as purely vacation-type move to afford the Argentina legend a loose and undemanding football engagement but the record Ballon d’Or winner have taken the MLS by storm, reasserting his readiness for business and proving his critics wrong.

The 36-year-old rolled back critics with a cloud nine show at the DRV PNK Stadium on his debut, scoring a late stunning freekick that reversed Inter Miami 13 matches deadlock.

Messi has maintained his brilliant start to life with Inter Miami and has continued to steal the spotlights.

Against Atlanta United in Leagues Cup, Lionel Messi bagged a brace to steer Inter Miami to an early lead. He also assisted a goal in Taylor’s brace as the Florida-based club ran out 4-0 winners over Atlanta United to record their second successive win since Lionel Messi joined the club.

Lionel Messi stoked controversies after his second goal in the game. The former PSG forward is known for his usual “fingers-to-the-sky” celebration each time he scores a goal. Against Atlanta United, Messi invented a new goal celebration that left pundits and fans brainstorming to decipher the meaning.

After netting his second goal against Atlanta United and celebrating with his Inter Miami teammates, Leo stood one place and stretched out his right arms and then cupped his fingers as if he wants to hold something.

Some pundits interpreted the gesture to mean, “hold my beer,” aimed at Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham because Lionel Messi stretched his arms to the direction of David Beckham.

Beckham was seen smiling and applauding Messi after the gesture, making the “hold my beer” interpretation more potent.

However, Lionel Messi’s wife Antonella Rocuzzo has offered a true interpretation of Leo’s “cupped finger” goal celebration.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Antonella Rocuzzo shared a footage of the celebration and added a GIF of Thor down the footage.

Lionel Messi

Against the previous interpretation that messi aimed the celebration at David Beckham, it is now understood Lionel Messi aimed the celebration at his family, who were on the stands to cheer him to victory.

Futballnews learnt Lionel Messi’s children, Mateo, Ciro, and Thiago are die-hard fans of Thor, a prominent character in Marvel Comics.

Leo was actually paying tribute to the kids, litting up their day as he celebrated the goal.

Who is Thor?

Lionel Messi

Thor Odinson is a prominent character in an American comic series created by three American entertainers and artists, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Larry Lieber.

Thor first made its appearance as a character in American comedy in 1962, a period in American artistic historic when comedy gain prominence as an art form with many enthusiasts.

Since then, Thor has become a prominent character in American comedy and has been effectively crafted by Marvel Comics, who publishes the comedy.

Thor is derived from German mythology. He is a Norse god of thunder with supernatural qualities and mysterious powers to command natural forces. He is always known with his Mjolnir, a magical hammer in his hand that enables him command elements and also fly.

The hammer was the GIF Antonella Rocuzzo referenced on her Instagram stories down the footage of Messi’s “cupped fingers” celebration.


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