American Rap Icon, Jay-Z, Prepares Tottenham Takeover as US Authorities Tackle Joe Lewis For Insider Trading Scandal

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Jay-Z is reportedly preparing a bid for Tottenham as US authorities tackle owner Joe Lewis for insider trading scandal

More dramatic episodes will unfold in the coming days at Tottenham as investigations into Joe Lewis’ alleged “insider trading” scandal progresses.

The Tottenham supremo has been charged for leaking sensitive corporate information to associates and romantic partners. Lewis has surrendered himself to authorities for investigations and trial but has pleaded not guilty with his lawyers vowing to defend his integrity and innocence while blasting the allegations as unfounded and malicious.

Jay-Z and Tottenham
Joe Lewis indicted by US authorities for “insider trading” scandal

According to reports, Joe Lewis will face 5 to 25 years prison sentence if he is found guilty. His trial is set to take center stage later this year.

Leading prosecutor Damian Williams said Joe Lewis invaded the privacy of corporate boardrooms and dolled out sensitive data to his friends and lovers as a way of compensating and showering them with gifts.

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Amid the charges leveled on the 86-year-old billionaire, there is an air of uncertainty on the future of his Tottenham ownership. If Joe Lewis is convicted, there is no doubt it will be the end of his 22 years ownership of Tottenham.

Now, according to Daily Express US, American rap icon, Shaw Carter, popularly known by his stage name Jay-Z, is already throwing his weight into the prospects of taking over at Tottenham Hotspur as new owner should Joe Lewis fail to come out of the allegations unscathed.

Jay-Z and Tottenham
Lewis surrendered himself to US authorities but could see his 22 years ownership of Tottenham end if convicted

The multi-billion dollar rap and hip hop star will be hoping to add Tottenham Hotspur to his investment portfolio in sports.

While his ambitious attempt to buyout a top Premier League club as Tottenham Hotspur could raise eyebrows, it is understood such moves can’t break Jay-Z’s reserve.

According to USA TODAY, the 53-year-old’s estimated net worth is £2.5bn and was the first hip-hop artist in America to become a billionaire in 2019. His wife, Beyonce – another renowned music celebrity – has a net worth of £481m.

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While Jay-Z’s interest in Tottenham Hotspur takeover has been confirmed, the music icon has an exception – he will only move for a deal if the price is right for him.

Tottenham’s estimated market value is £2.18bn, a huge chunk of Jay-Z’s net worth. The billionaire investor is reportedly hoping to count on the backup of other investors to seal a deal in the nearest future if all works out as planned.

Jay-Z and Tottenham
Jay-Z interested in buying Tottenham

Jay-Z is said to be a big fan of Premier League football and has once hinted on the prospects of buying Arsenal, being a big fan of the club in 2010 before he chickened out and plunge his investments interests elsewhere.

Jay-Z is regarded as the most relevant music celebrity who has continued to pull enormous influence built over the years through his stellar music career.

Apart from his legendary career in music, Jay-Z has investments in American basketball as well as in football. He is a co-owner of NBA basketball team, New Jersey Nets and Roc Nation Sports International – a football agency firm.

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Jay-Z previously limited Roc Nation Sports International to handling agency roles for a few set of big-name footballers such as Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, and others. Now, Roc Nation is a global football firm. They recently completed a merger with a Brazil football agency firm, TFM.

The merger saw other top stars in Brazilian football such as Vinicius Jr, Endrick, make Jay-Z’s clientelle list.

Tottenham purchase could be another big catch for the American pop star but it will depend on the fate of Joe Lewis – whether he ends up behind jailed or walk free unscathed after trial.

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