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Ajax star Abdelhak Nouri ‘awake’ after coma and responsive to family but still bedridden

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Ajax star player Abdelhak Nouri has emerged from a coma after two years and nine months. The 22-year-old midfielder slumped during a preseason match against German side Werder Bremen in 2017. It was reported that it took the medical team about seven minutes before they could act on Nouri. The game experienced a stop while everyone on the pitch rushed to the unconscious player lying in the middle of the field. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that the midfielder had suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack which has caused him permanent brain damage.

Meanwhile, the family of Nouri took a lawsuit against Ajax when it was published that the affected player was given inadequate medical attention by the club’s medic which resulted in permanent brain damage. Cardiac arrhythmia is a health condition where the heartbeat either too fast or rather too slow.

In an event that seems more like a miracle, Nouri came out of coma after almost three years. Though he still bedridden according to a statement released by his family. However, the family of the 22-year-old Dutchman is rather thankful that he now regains consciousness after several years. As it is now, he can only eat, sleep, frown, and burp, he is still on medical equipment to sustain him. He can only communicate with the use of eyebrows, nevertheless, it is amazingly surprising to have the youngster back even though he can’t play football again.

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It is interesting to know that Nouri was considered to be one of the best youngsters, if he had not suffered that unfortunate fate, he would be rated with likes of Kylian Mbappe, Jadon Sancho and the rest. He prides himself among other attacking midfielder for his speed, ability to dribble and pose a great threat to any defense team he come across. He started his football career with the youth team of Ajax before he joined the first team in 2017 the same year he unceremoniously retired from football.

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