Adidas suspends partnership with Russia National Soccer team

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After Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Adidas waited for over four days before the company suspended its partnership with Russia’s national team.

Before the German sportswear company suspended their partnership with Russia’s national team, the world football governing body, FIFA, and the European football governing body, UEFA, announced that the country’s national teams and clubs have been banned.

Recall that since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started, western countries and their companies have been slamming different sanctions on the country.

Hence, the German sportswear company was left with no choice but to end its long-term relationship with Russian national teams.

A statement from the German sportswear company read: “Adidas is suspending its partnership with the Russian Football Union (RFU) with immediate effect.”

Details of Adidas’ deal with Russian national team

Adidas suspends partnership with Russia National Soccer team

Adidas and the Russian Football Union (RFU) started their partnership in 2009. The partnership gave the German sportswear company the right to supply kits to all Russian men’s and women’s national teams.

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The sportswear manufacturing company and RFU renewed the contract between them in 2018. According to reports, the contract was due to expire at the end of 2022.

Also, it has been reported that the contract is worth 14.4 million dollars per year.

Aside from the partnership between the German company and RFU, the company reportedly made 2.9 percent of its total revenue from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2020 alone. That is, the sportswear company made 651 million dollars in the region in the said year.

What is the criticism against the company’s decision to suspend its partnership with Russia?

Adidas suspends partnership with Russia National Soccer team

Since Adidas announced that it has suspended its partnership with Russia, the company has attracted a series of criticism.

Many criticized the sportswear company for suspending Russia instead of banning the country outrightly.

The decision to suspend Russia reminded football enthusiasts how Adidas quickly banned West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma for kicking a cat and suspended Russia that has been killing a series of people in Ukraine.

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What you need to know about Adidas

Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler in July 1924. It was initially called Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

It might interest you to note that Adidas stands for the name of the founder Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler.

The sportswear making company has its factory outlet in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Most Adidas shoes are made from the aforementioned location.

Most of the company’s shoes cost between 110 and 140 dollars per pair. Most of the company’s shoes can be bought via the company’s website

One of the most famous Adidas partnerships is the Adidas Yeezy. It is a partnership between American designer, rapper, entrepreneur, and personality Kanye West and the German company.

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