Aaron Ramsey reacts after Juventus terminated his contract

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Aaron Ramsey woke up in what looked like a fruitful Tuesday only to see that his contract has been terminated by Serea A giants Juventus.

Aaron Ramsey reacts after Juventus terminated his contract

Ramsey transferred from Arsenal to the Serie A powerhouse in 2019.

However, the Welshman spent the second half of the previous campaign on loan at Rangers.

In 13 games, he made two goals, but his tenure there came to a disappointing end as he missed the go-ahead penalty in the Europa League final against Frankfurt.

The midfielder, who played just five times for Juventus last year, is now a free agent.

As he is expected to play for Wales at the World Cup this winter, the 31-year-old will now search for a club where he can obtain consistent playing time.

When Juventus confirmed that his contract has been terminated, Aaron Ramsay took to his Instagram page to write: “I want to focus on the positives and over all I have enjoyed my time in Torino.

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“I am so grateful to the fans and Italian people who are warm, supportive and passionate and whom it’s been a pleasure to get to know over the three years. Thank you.”

Aaron Ramsey

Welsh professional footballer Aaron James Ramsey, born on December 26, 1990, is a midfielder for the Wales national team. Although he often plays as a box-to-box midfielder, Ramsey has also been used on the left and right flanks. He is currently unemployed.

In 2008, Ramsey made his full international debut for Wales. He also participated in their UEFA Euro 2016 campaign, helping them reach the semifinals and earning a spot on the tournament’s Team of the Tournament. Ramsey also helped Wales advance to the round of 16 at UEFA Euro 2020.

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Ramsey then assisted Wales in achieving their first FIFA World Cup qualification since 1958, calling it a “dream come true.”

Aaron Ramsey’s curse

After an Aaron Ramsey goal, this rumor—more of a mystery theory—always spreads on social media. Every time the Welshman scores in a game, a famous person or celebrity is usually cursed to die soon after.

When last did Aaron Ramsey score a goal?

With a goal in stoppage time, Aaron Ramsey gave Juventus a 2-0 victory over U.C. Sampdoria in a road game.

He scored his 300th career goal with that strike.

What happens when Ramsey scores a goal?

Every time a specific former Arsenal midfielder scores, the phrase “the Ramsey curse” may be heard.

Aaron Ramsey reacts after Juventus terminated his contract

People have detected a strange correlation between celebrity deaths and Aaron Ramsey, who went to Juventus in 2019 and signed a loan agreement with Scottish Premiership champions Rangers in 2022.

When the Welsh midfielder scored against CSKA Moscow in 2018, supporters believed the “curse” had struck once more, causing a frenzy on social media.

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After scoring a stunning goal in Arsenal’s triumph as a 28-year-old, professional darts player Eric Bristow suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

Fans immediately blamed the curse, asserting an odd correlation between the deaths of famous people and his scoring record.

Who has died after Aaron Ramsey scored a goal?

The Welsh and Juventus player frequently scores crucial goals, but occasionally with sinister consequences.

The terrible coincidence has been dubbed “The Curse of Aaron Ramsey” or “The Ramsey Effect” by fans.

His 23 of the 64 career goals have been followed by a celebrity’s passing.

For instance, the deaths of the scientist Stephen Hawking and the comedian Ken Dodd led to claims that the curse had struck once more.

In an interview with Sport Magazine in 2015, Ramsey discussed the intriguing theory and referred to it as “crazy.”

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