Shakira’s Lawyer Blames His Client’s Ex-Boyfriend Gerard Pique Over £7M Tax Fraud

Shakira’s lawyer has slammed Gerard Pique for the singer’s tax fraud issues saying she would have saved £100million if she dated Sergio Ramos instead.

Shakira’s Lawyer Blames Ex Gerard Pique Over £7M Tax Fraud Bill

Shakira’s lawyer Pau Molins, revealed that Shakira’s 11-year relationship with the retired Barcelona footballer was the major reason she is facing six tax fraud charges instead of three.

Pau Molins also claimed that Spain’s tax laws are not fair to everyone after he finished pleading in court on Tuesday, 21st November 2023.

He also revealed that people living in Madrid – where Sevilla defender Sergio Ramos resided while he was playing for Los Blancos – were not subjected to paying much tax.

However, those living in Catalonia – where the pop singer resided with her ex-partner Gerard Pique during his time at Barcelona – were required to pay exorbitant taxes.

Shakira’s lawyer also claimed that if the pop star had stayed with Madrid-based Ramos, she would have saved around £100million due to the Real Madrid player not staying in an area that paid exorbitant taxes.

Shakira’s lawyer also gave insights saying that currently, only regions like Andalucia and Madrid in Spain are areas that do not pay exorbitant taxes.

Speaking on the singer’s relationship with Pique, Molins stated that: “Shakira’s infatuation has cost her 120million euros.”

“If she had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos instead of Gerard Pique, it would have cost her a lot less”.

He also added: “They go on about the equality of all Spaniards, but it turns out that if you’re resident in Catalonia you can go to jail for a crime they couldn’t imprison you for in Madrid.”

What Happened To Gerard Pique and Shakira?

Shakira and Gerard Pique officially ended their relationship after a rumor of infidelity went public on the first of June 2022.

The ex-lovers confirmed their break-up via a statement on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Shakira and Gerard Pique who met each other for the first time during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa have been dating since then.

Despite being together for more than 11 years, they failed to officially tie the knot – just like other popular football stars.

However, their relationship saw them birth two beautiful children – Milan born on 22 January 2013 in Barcelona, and Sasha born on January 2015 in the same city.

Shakira is older than Pique with about 10 years. Their relationship was cordial and even the media barely got anything to hold onto except for when the break-up issues turned up.

Futballnews reported that 45-year-old Shakira caught her 35-year-old lover cheating on her with another woman. Following the event, the former Barca defender had to move out of the mansion where he, Shakira, and their two children had been staying for over 8 years.

Other reports have it that he wanted to get a loan from Shakira to invest in a business which she vehemently rejected, which got him mad.

Who is Shakira’s lawyer?

Pau Molins Amat is a practicing lawyer since 1986 and has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law from the University of Barcelona (1988).

Molins founded his law firm in 1994 with Dr Jesús Silva and he is currently Molins Defensa Penal’s only Managing Partner, the author of specialized articles published in various legal journals.






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