2023/24 Best Home Kits: See their Prices and How to Buy

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As clubs brace up for the 2023/24 football season with different kit designs, we will take your through the list of the 2023/24 best home kits, their prices, and where to buy them.


PSG’s 2023/24 Home Kit was released by Nike on May 31.

With its sparkling and classic touch, the kit bears the typical design of the Parisians. As usual, it has the iconic PSG tricolor of blue, white, and red. The kit goes for as much as €150. It is available for purchase on PSG online shop.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich 2023/24 home kit is designed by Adidas. It was officially unveiled on May 17. The new kit features Bayern Munich traditional red and white colours with a bolder design.

The base is made of white while the sleeves is dominantly red with white stripes. The kit is retailing at £80 and is available on Adidas shop

Real Madrid

Real Madrid launched their 2023/24 home kit on June 14 in preparation of next season’s campaign.

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Designed by Adidas, it bears the mark and colors of the club’s traditional white color. It has a navy lining running down the body while the collar has a touch of navy and yellow.

The shirt is retailed at £80. You can buy it at Adidas stores.

Manchester City

Manchester City 2023/24 home kit design is at its best, deserving of a Premier League champion.

The shirt which was unveiled on May 19, features Manchester City usual sky blue colour with its white stripes.

It has the usual ‘Etihad grahics’ stamped on the front of the shirt. The price ranges from £75 to £110 and is available on Manchester City shop.


Barcelona 2023/24 home kit was unveiled on June 14 and it is a classic, making our 2023/24 best home kit. It is designed by Nike.

The Barcelona badge is made in diamond with Barcelona’s main sponsor, Spotify’s logo boldly printed on the front, including Nike’s logo. The price goes for £75.9 and is available on Nike shop.

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AC Milan

Also on our list is AC Milan’s 2023/24 home kit. Launched on June 1 by Puma, the design is a great masterpiece.

The kit has AC Milan’s traditional red and black stripes but with a bolder print. It also has a black neck made in V-shape with the club’s badge and Puma’s logo in front.

The price goes for £75 and is available on Puma shop.


2023 best home kit

Arsenal 2023/24 home kit was launched on May. It has Arsenal’s traditional red and white stripes but with a bolder touch. Designed by Adidas, the kit is inspired by Arsenal’s 2003/04 season of indomitables.

It has all the match results of the 2003/04 season printed on the shirt. The base is predominantly red with bold patterns while the sleeves is white.

The shirt is available on Arsenal store or Adidas online shop for £80

Borussia Dortmund 2023/24 Home Kit

2023 best home kit

Borussia Dortmund 2023/24 home kit, designed by Puma and unveiled on May 26, is not a departure from Dortmund’s regular color stripes.

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It has its usual yellow and black touch. The base is made of yellow but has a black sleeves and black collar. The shirt goes for £75 at Puma Shop.


2023 best home kit

Also on our list is Liverpool’s new home kit. Launched in May by Nike, the kit has Liverpool’s traditional red colours.

It has white collars, and white rims on the edge of the sleeves with the club’s badge, Nike, and sponsors’ logo printed on the body. The shirt goes for £75 on Nike’s shop


2023 best home kit

Juventus 2023/24 kit is designed by Adidas and was unveiled on May 12. It has the club’s black and white stripes, made into a bold pattern of colors.

It has yellow linings on the shoulder region and on the sides. Unlike other kits, the black and white stripes are also used on the sleeves.

It goes for as much as £130 on Adidas shop.

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