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17 most successful football clubs In the world in terms of trophies won

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Who are the most successful football clubs In the world? If you are a die-hard football fan, you must at some point ask this question. Seeing how this round leather game has united the world. its no doubt that everyone wants to win major trophies just to gain entrance into this list.

While any club remotely wishes they deserve the “big” name and should play in the football top division or even buy the best players, and ideally maintain a global presence. Winning Trophies is really what differentiates the men from the boys in the list of most successful clubs in the world.

How do They judge The most successful clubs in the world?

The ARL Football Success Ranking System for men’s European club football establishes for sure, which clubs are performing best in each country and across Europe.

This is a system that allows clubs to score points based on the trophies and the number of trophies won. Different trophies score different points and are based on the criterion “fame”. Only “competitive soccer” trophies will be considered

successful football clubs In the world

Soccer Probably the best entertainment in the world. Seen, revered, and played in all corners of every continent, humanity simply cannot live without the beautiful game.

Whether it is played in the alleys with paper bags curled up tightly into a ball, to the madness of Saturday morning with the children on frosty winter nights with flowing snow, football is addicting.

What makes it more exciting is the professional teams. In the truest sense of the word, every country has some kind of professional league that fans look forward to every week. When football is played at the highest level with the highest caliber, it becomes a devastating art that is caressed by money.

With leagues like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and French Ligue 1, millions of people around the world watch their beloved team escape the vagaries of everyday life and sink into the overwhelming excitement that it produces.

But who are the most successful clubs in the world? Which teams captivate and motivate their fans with winnings and trophy clinching?

Without further ado, here are the 17 most successful football clubs In the world.

17 most successful football clubs In the world

Success is another word for winning. Therefore, when we look at the top-performing football clubs in the world, we are not looking for the richest clubs in the world or the most popular clubs with the highest number of fans.

Furthermore, we are not looking for the most numerous clubs in terms of stadium visits, jersey sales, or the largest number of superstar players.

Football clubs participate in competitions and the aim of participating in such competitions should be to win. This article introduces the most successful clubs in the world and introduces the clubs that have won the most major club football competitions around the world.

#1 Al Ahly – 143 Trophies

With a total of 143 trophies, the Egyptian Al Ahly is the most successful club in the world. They have won the CAF Champions League 10 times, once the CAF Confederations Cup, 8 times the CAF Super Cup, 4 times the African Cup Winners ‘Cup, and 1 time the Afro-Asian Cup, 1 time the Arab Cup Winners, the Arab Super Cup 2 times. Al Ahly also received a bronze medal from the FIFA Club World Cup in his trophy cabinet.

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In terms of international titles in their cabinet, Al Ahly is second only to Real Madrid. locally they were champions 42 times, won the Egyptian Cup 37 times, and 11 national Super Cups.

#2 Rangers Football Club – 120 Trophies

Rangers Football Club-119 Trophies

With 120 trophies, the Rangers have dominated Scottish football for years. The Rangers have won more championship titles than any other club in the world. They have won the championship 54 times, the Scottish Cup 33 time,s and the Scottish League Cup 27 times. Seven times they have won triple (all 3 trophies at the same time)

#3 Nacional Football Club Portugal – 114 Trophies

nacional football club portugal-114 Trophies

114 trophies in their trophy cabinet, Nacional is one of the most successful teams in South America. Nacional is 120 years old, a team that has never been relegated from the Premier Division. Some of their trophies include 47 Premier League trophies, 8 competition cups, and 7 cups of honor.

#4 Celtic Football Club – 112 Trophies

Celtic Football Club-103 Trophies

#5 Penarol football club – 108 Trophies

Penarol football club-108 Trophies

108 trophies in their trophy cabinet Peñarol, one of the toughest football clubs in the Uruguayan national football league, is a really tough team. The club, which has existed for around 128 years, is one of the most successful football teams in South America. You have won the Uruguayan First Division 51 times and the Copa Libertadores five times. The squad, one of two Uruguayan soccer teams that have never experienced relegation, has won up to 108 trophies, some of which are recognized by CONMEBOL and FIFA.

Celtic has 112 trophies. Won the Scottish League 52 times, the Scottish Cup 40 times, and the Scottish League Cup 20 times. In 1967 and 1970 Celtic reached the European Cup final, and the UEFA Cup final in 2003.

#6 Barcelona Football Club – 98 Trophies

The Barcelona Football Club is the sixth most successful club in the world with 98 trophies in the cabinet. Currently based on the number of trophies won. Barcelona is still the only club to have won the triple record twice.

They have five European Cup / UEFA Champions League titles and four European Cup Winners’ Cup wins to show off. They have also won the UEFA Super Cup five times. In La Liga, Barça have won 26 times, the Spanish Cup 31 times, the Spanish Super Cup 13 times and the Spanish League Cup twice. Barcelona have won the Club World Cup three times and in 2009 Barcelona became the first club to win six trophies in one year.

#7 Real Madrid Football Club- 94 Trophies

Real Madrid Football Club- 95 Trophies

Real Madrid Castile comes in seventh with 94 trophies in his cabinet. They are the most successful club in European Cup / UEFA Champions League history, Real Madrid has won a record 13 times.

Real are the only club to have won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row. They were named club of the century by UEFA, an obvious reference to their dominance. The Spanish Giants won back-to-back UEFA Cup titles in the 1980s and they also have four UEFA Super Cups in their trophy cabinet.

Real Madrid Castile has won the Intercontinental Cup 3 times, as well as the Club World Cup twice: 2014 and 2016. In La Liga they have a record of 35 titles, 19 Spanish Cup titles, Super Cups of ‘Spain are 12 in their cabinet, and they won the Spanish League Cup once.

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#8 Benfica Football Club – 84 Trophies

Benfica Football Club- 84 Trophies

With 84 trophies in its cabinet, Benfica is eight on our list of the most successful clubs in the world. Benfica have been a hugely popular club in recent years that have won the most in the Portuguese national league. they have won it 35 times. In the 1960s, however, they only tasted European fame twice with European Cup victories in 1960/1961 and 1961/62.

#9 Olympiacos FC – 83 titles

Olympiacos football club- 76 Trophies

Olympiacos FC: having 83 trophies in a club’s trophy cabinet are no joke as they have won the Greek Super League 47 times, the Greek Super Cup four times, and the Greek Cup 28 times.

#10 Bayern Munich Football club – 81 Trophies

#11 Bayern Munich Football club- 69 Trophies

Bayern Munich is the undisputed heavyweight champion of German football with 69 trophies. Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga title 32 times and the German Cup 20 times. You have also won the German League Cup 6 times and the German Super Cup 9 times. At the continental level, Bayern Munich has six European Cup / UEFA Champions leagues, including titles in a row in the 1970s.

They won all European trophies with a cup winners’ cup, a UEFA Cup, and two UEFA Super Cup victories against Bayern Munich and won the Intercontinental Cup in both directions. Twice the Club World Cup, and they are the only Germans. Club to successfully win the heights.

#11 FC Porto- 80 Trophies

#9 FC Porto- 80 Trophies

FC Porto comfortably seating in 9th position of this most succesful football clubs in the word list . Like Benfica, Porto is one of the three great Portuguese glubs. they have 80 trophies. They have 67 of these trophies in their national competitions: they have won the Primera Liga 30 times, Taca de Portugal 17 times, Campeonato de Portugal 4 times, and Supertacas 22 times.

#12 Liverpool FC- 72 Trophies

14 Liverpool Football club- 59 Trophies

Liverpool is next on our list with 72 trophies. Liverpool is England’s number one club when it comes to continental trophies but they have won six European cups, putting them on a par with Spanish giants Barcelona and Bavarian giants Bayern Munich in that regard. Liverpool (also known as the Reds) have also won four UEFA Super Cups.

They are quite successful locally too; They have 19 Top Flight trophies in their cabinet as well as eight FA Cups, 9 League Cups (which is a record), and 15 Charity / Community Shields. They were finalists in the Intercontinental Cup and the Club World Cup.

#13 Juventus Football club- 71 Trophies

Juventus Football club- 64 Troph

Juventus has won 64 trophies, making it the number one club in Italy and number 5 in the world. Juventus surpasses Inter and AC Milan, who can claim to be Italy’s most popular club, with 71 trophies. Juventus have won 36 Serie A titles, which is by far the largest of any Italian club.

This title does not include the two titles that were withdrawn from them during the match-fixing scandal in Calciopoli. Juventus has also won 14 Italian cups and nine Italian Super Cups. In Europe, Juventus has won all winnable trophies, there are two European Cups, three UEFA Cups, a Cup Winners’ Cup and two UEFA Super Cups’ ‘won the Club World Cup twice and the Intercontinental Cup twice.

#14 Manchester United Football club- 66 Trophies

Manchester United Football club- 66 Trophies

With a total of 66 trophies, the Red Devils are England’s most successful football club of all time. They have won the English Top Flight League 20 times, 13 of them since 1992 when the league was renamed the English Premier League. Man United has won the FA Cup 12 times, they have 5 Championship Cups in their cabinet and a record of 21 Charity / Community Shields under their belt.

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They have all sorts of European honors to win, even though the UEFA Europa Cup is only a few years ago. You have won the European Cup / Champions League three times, as well as the Cup Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. Manchester United are still the only English club to have triple that and the only English club to have won a World Cup. In 1999 they won the Intercontinental Cup and in 2008 the Club World Cup.

#15 AC Milan Football club – 50 Trophies

AC Milan Football club- 48 titles

With 50 trophies, AC Milan ranks 15th on our list. On the continental stage, they are only second after Real Madrid, having won the European Cup / Champions League seven times. AC Milan won the European Best Club Competition for the first time in 1963, the last time in 2007.

Until recently, AC Milan was the last club to successfully defend the Champions League title. However, that record was broken by Real Madrid, who won the title three times in a row. AC Milan won the title in a row in 1989 and 1990.

They have also won the Cup Winners’ Cup twice, the UEFA Super Cup five times, as well as three Intercontinental Cups and a Club World Cup. AC Milan also has 18 Serie A titles in its trophy cabinet, five Italian Cups, and seven Italian Super Cups.

#16 Arsenal Football club- 48 titles

Arsenal Football club- 45 titles

Next on this list of the most successful football clubs in the world is Arsenal FC. Next up on our list are 48 Arsenal Football Club trophies. With 14 FA Cups in the trophy cabinet, Arsenal is number one in this regard. They also have 13 Top Flight titles in English and also share the league’s double record with Manchester United.

Arsenal Football Club has won the League Cup twice, 16 Charity / Community Shields. Arsenal first enjoyed success in Europe in 1970 when they won their last Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994. They were finalists in the UEFA Champions League.

#17 Inter Milan Football club- 42 titles

17 Inter Milan Football club- 39 titles

Internazionale Milano is in 17th place with 42 trophies in the trophy cabinet. It is still the only Italian club to have won the Treble. Interestingly, Inter Milan have also won five trophies including the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, Coppa Italian, and the Club World Cup.

On the continent, they can boast 3 European Cup / Champions League titles, while having 19 Serie A titles in their trophy cabinet. They also have eight Italian cups, six Italian Super Cups and three UEFA cups, two intercontinental cups and a Club World Cup. With 39 trophies in the trophy cabinet, the Internazionale Milano takes second place. Position in 9th place. It remains the only Italian club to win the Treble. Interestingly, Inter Milan have also won five trophies including the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, Coppa d’Ital,ia, and the Club World Cup.


Though there are more teams that could have made this list. This is list based on the number of trophies won . if you feel your team is listed here feel free to name them in the comment section.

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